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Making an Appearance!

O my goodness girls, it has been forever.

I really needed to put wedding and the knot on the back burner for a while, sorry I never really said a goodbye. Now I am back and really needing to get into the full swing of things. Could someone please tell me how it is practically the end of July already!! I have so much yet to do!

Yesterday I addressed 118 invitations and probably have ten more to do once FI and I round up some adresses. Two BMs are coming over next week to help stuff envelopes and then those should be done! I will probably be back here soon to ask you girls to proof some response cards and reception info as soon as we get them put together, and then they'll need printed of course. Bridal shower in the works for August 18th, and FI and I are all registered. I am still tweaking things online of course, lol.

FI and I are doing engagement photos with our new photog next week, they came free with our package so we figured why not. I am also doing my hair and makeup trial that day so I am excited for that.

Some exciting life updates! I moved out of my parents house, which has been wonderful and a huge reliever of stress! I am living here alone, and with my beautiful baby boys! Do you remember these guys? They are so stinking big! But just as cute, maybe even more so : D

Chunkers weighs a whopping 10 lbs! Nugget weighs around 7. I'd be happy if they didn't grow anymore, but we aren't sure. Their parents were both 10 lbs so we shall see.

Sorry for the crappy Ipod photo... my camera disappeared in the move. Which is really rather upsetting : /

My big beautiful kitchen! Definitely the best part of my new home


FI bought a car and is trying to sell his truck but not doing so well. It sucks, we really want to see it gone. Money isn't tight, but we'd really like to see it all back in our savings. Plus we are paying insurance on the thing for it to just sit around. We merged all of our accounts, which is an exciting change. I'm all about the budget. I know, super nerd. Lol. Excel spreadsheets and everything.

I am going to try and hang around here more often. I miss you girls and I feel like I have missed out on so much!

What's been going on around these parts?

Re: Making an Appearance!

  • I took a TK break too and just came back!  You have some exciting NWR things going on!! LOVE you pups!

    I'm a budget nerd too.  Excel spreadsheets and all!  Do you use mint.com?  It's great too.

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  • They are adorable, and so so rotten. I am glad we kept two, it is nice for them to have each other.

    I do not use mint.com, but now I am off to see what it is, lol.
  • Welcome back! Its always nice to see some familiar faces pop back up! 

    Looks like you've had a lot on your plate lately! 

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  • Yes! Tons! And here I thought summer would be relaxing, ha! But it has been fun, it is nice to really start to see things moving forward.
  • Wow!! I was wondering where you were!! Congrats on getting a lot of things done...and its sooo good to see Chunkers again!!! He was just adorable from when you first got him. They are just adorable, and I bet they love having each other, great decision to get both!!
    Glad to see you back lady!
  • Glad to be back!
  • Glad you're back!  Your new kitchen looks awesome--wish our kitchen was that big :)
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  • welcome back!!! wow you sure have been busy , the puppies are as cute as ever and i must also admit i have kitchen envy!!! love it! (our kitchen is so small i get mad at fi when he comes in and i am trying to cook/bake!)
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    We were so blessed to have found this apartment. It was seriously everything we were looking for and under our budget. We have since run into a couple things and heard a few things from our neighbors that sort of make me wonder, but we have had a good go of it in the month we have been here. The property manager is very responsive to us.

    The kitchen was by far the most important thing to me when looking for a place to live. Before I even had a bed my kitchen was set up, haha. What can I say, it's what I have been looking forward to since I was little. Never my wedding, just the kitchen that I'd get to have afterward, lol.
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