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South Carolina-Charleston

Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina

hi ladies! We're think about having our wedding at the Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina, and I was wondering if any of you have had your wedding there, looked into the venue or been to a wedding there. If so, any idea of the budget for having it there? We live about an hour from there and are looking at going to visit it soon, but I'm just trying to get some feedback first. Thanks so much!!

Re: Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina

  • Purple&7Purple&7 member
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    I have never been to a wedding there, but I've heard from others that it's a beautiful place. 
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    Really nice and Ashely is nice. I'm looking to have ours there as well. Only thing, you have to use their caterer.
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    One of my friends is the Executive Chef there, so I'm sure you should have no worries about the food. Also, I used to work there and eat there on a daily basis several years ago, and if you are looking for a beach style wedding you really can't beat it! The location is beautiful and is right by the bridge heading into downtown! Just an FYI though, it can get really windy b/c out on the deck b/c it is literally right on the harbor! Just keep that in mind! 
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  • HeatherwesHeatherwes member
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    I'm getting married there in June. We paid $5000 to have the ceremony on the beach and the reception at the sunset terrace plus the cost for the catering. I looked at a lot of venues and this one stuck out to me. I hope this helps.
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    Thanks ladies!  We're looking at late Sept/Oct next year, and I;ve heard that it's cheaper to do it on a Friday night...so I'm waiting to get prices back from Ashley.  We actually drove up there on Saturday and it really is beautiful.  I agree though, it was about 4pm and SUPER windy out on the pier.  I think we're looking at either doing it in the Lookout Pavillion with the ceremony on the adjacent lawn, or renting the beach for the ceremony and then the terrace for the reception.  I'm just wondering with a guest count of 100 tops, where the dancing would take place if we did the terrace.  Also, does anyone know what the discount is for guests who will need accomodations for that night?
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    No clue about the discounts, but I'm sure they could work something out for you...well, depending on what time of year it is!
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  • stickbystickby member
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    We are not having our wedding there, but we are using them for room blocks for our guests.

    The rates we were quoted were $159/night for single and $169/night for double.

    Be careful though, because once you block a certain number of rooms if they are not filled you have to pay for them.  Also the block is lifted one month before the date which was a little too early I thought.  So a month before your date, they lift the block and if the rooms are not filled by your wedding guests or the public then you have to pay for them.
  • Sabrinaf33Sabrinaf33 member
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    We just had our wedding there this month! Overall, it was a great place. My guests enjoyed the balconies and the views. Ashley was amazing! She was right there for anything we needed the day of the wedding. One thing we realized, by doing a Sunday wedding it cut the rental fee DRASTICALLY, as well as the food and beverage minimums. One thing I will caution you on is that they seem to find a lot of added charges as things progress, such as sidewalls for the terrace and all. Also, I was told my block of rooms was whatever the guests chose, and when they tried to book they were told it was all parking lot views and costs would differ by bed options....but Ashley came to the rescue and worked it all out for me. One issue may be the fact that the lady I originally signed with no longer works there, so some things she promised may have been incorrect (but thank goodness I saved all our email correspondence)! The location is absolutely gorgeous!! I can't wait to see my photographer's pictures. I know she has done several weddings there, and after I booked her she allowed me to view another couple's album from that location (they gave permission of course)! If you need an awesome photographer, Photography by Terry in Summerville.

    Oh, yes the food and bar bill can be high there....but it does inlcude the table, chairs, white linens, and dishes. Plus, several of my guests (one is a chef) raved about the food!

    Hope I helped! Good Luck!!
  • I'm getting married here on September 21 so that's right around the timeline you have too! Everything so far has been absolutely wonderful! Ashley threw in the ceremony chairs and we are going to do the tasting in two weeks so we are really excited about that! Our full budget is 15000 so doing our wedding on a Friday was a definite must because the rentals are cheaper. At first when I started looking I couldn't find anywhere that was all inclusive like CHRM is and that is something that is very important I feel like because you want to be able to enjoy the day and not have to worry about all the details!
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