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New Hampshire

Friday v. Saturday wedding

We are just starting to plan our wedding.  We have found the perfect venue for the reception, but are having trouble with the logistics for the church.  Most of our guests are traveling 2-3 hours to come to the wedding.  The latest the church can have our wedding on Saturday is at 1pm, which means many of our guests won't get to check into their hotels until after the ceremony.  If it were me, I'd prefer to freshen up after a 3 hour car ride before going to the church.

If we do a Friday evening wedding then our guests have to take a day off of work to travel up to NH and then check into their hotel and get to the church by 4:00pm.  

Not sure what is best here... any suggestions??

Re: Friday v. Saturday wedding

  • If I were the guest, I would prefer the Saturday wedding, even if I had to travel in the morning.  It can be hard to take days off from work.  Day time weddings are lovely and very elegant.  I think either would be lovely though :)

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  • I would prefer Saturday as well.  They could check in early if they explain the circumstances, I have had to ask hotels for that before because of ski trips, so surely they might understand for a wedding.  Not to mention they want the money from several of your guests staying there.  You could contact a hotel and explain, and possibly they would work something out :)
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  • We are doing a friday night wedding. People I talked to didn't mind taking a day off or doing a half day since we are giving them such advanced notice.
    We  are paying for the wedding ourselves, so we really had to look for ways to cut costs. A lot of our venders are giving us deals due to it being a friday night. In a perfect world though, I would have rather have had a saturday.
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  • Do you have anyone flying in?  I know that for our Saturday wedding, people who were flying up already had to take a day on Friday for travel.  A Friday wedding would mean taking off 2 days.  While it's not the end of the world, it may affect people being able to attend.  If I was a guest, I would prefer the Saturday wedding to taking any time off of work- even if that meant going to a wedding right after a car ride.  Good luck with your decision!  Remember that either way, the people who are most important will be there no matter what! 
  • I'm with Elizabeth...people who are travelling might not want to take an extra day off.
    We had a Saturday morning wedding (11 A.M.!) Many of our guests arrived Friday evening and got checked in at the hotel and it made everything easier.  That way they were not so rushed.
  • Thanks everyone!  

    Elizabeth, we only have 1 couple flying in from California, everyone else is within a 2-3 hour drive.  (Connecticut and Massachusetts)

    My mother is thinking Saturday is best for our guests too, so we may end up doing it that way.  We are still trying to figure it out, but thanks for the advice everyone!
  • I think Saturday might be better, depending on where the wedding is your guests can come the night before and kind of make a weekend of it.  Although I should add, that I recently went to my first Friday wedding a few months ago and it was really nice to still have a whole weekend to recover and run errands and do other weekend stuff, after the wedding was over.  Good luck :)
  • Like I said, I really believe that the people who are most important will attend no matter what, and having a limited number of people traveling makes a difference.  For us, we had quite a few people traveling from GA, FL, and CA, so it was easier to do a Saturday.  Certainly if I was invited to a wedding, though, I'd re-arrange my schedule to go either way!  Good luck with your decision. :)
  • Thanks for everyone's suggestions.  We decided to go with a Friday.  October 26th.... can't wait!!!

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