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Invitation Wording - Mother passed away

I need some help with invitation wording. We are getting married in October and my mother unexpecidly passed away last month. While this has been a very difficult time for my family, we have decided to move forward with the wedding. My mother was so excited about the wedding and was involved in every step of the planning process. 

We have now crossed the bride of "how to word the invitation". I have read all kinds of ettiquete blogs that state not to mention a deceased parent in the invitation becasue they are not "hosting" the event. While this might be true for some brides, this is not the case with me. My mnother was involved in every decision for this wedding up until the day she passed away, so in a way, she will be hosting it. 

Any suggestions on wording are greatly appreciated!

Re: Invitation Wording - Mother passed away

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. 

    Actually, lovethebeach's wording does imply that your mom is hosting, so please don't use that wording. I totally get what you're saying about her being involved in planning, but that's not really what hosting implies. For her to be listed as a host, she'd have to physically be at the event. 

    If it hurts too much to have other parents on the invite and leave her name off, you could just do the invitation with no host listed at all: 

    The pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage of
    Bride Full Name
    Groom Full Name
    City, State

    Or, you could use "Together with their families...". This wouldn't explicitly list your mom as a host, but because it doesn't NOT list her as a host, this could imply that she's helped with the planning. I think this or the "no host" option would be your best options. 

    Aside from invitations, there are SO many great ways to honor your mom at the ceremony and reception. I know it's tough to not see her name on the invite, but honestly, I think that it's so much more meaningful and memorable to you and your guests if your mom was honored the day of, rather than on the invites. 
  • Ditto Leisel.  Please accept my sympathies for your loss, however your mother isn't hosting the event.

    HOWEVER, there are tons of ways to honor her that can have even a larger impact than the invitation.
  • I would likely go for the "Together with their families" option in this case and then honour your mother on the wedding day with a wording in the program or a candle in the narthex or something.

  • I'm so sorry for your loss.  We're getting married in a few months and my father passed away recently in the midst of wedding planning, and we want to include him as well.  I've gotten a few replies on here about "proper etiquette" however in my personal opinion (old fashioned etiquette be damned) if your mother was involved in the the planning and paying for (hosting) the event, she can be included in the invitation.  Here's what we're doing since my father was heavily involved in every step...

    The pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage of
    Jane Smith
    Daughter of Mrs. Judy Smith and the late Mr. John Smith
    Jim Doe
    Son of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Doe

    Good luck with everything!
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