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Hi All! My wedding is about 4 months away and I need to start looking into accessories. I've attached the link to my dress here:

Would you suggest doing a larger rhinestone-y necklace and simple earrings OR a simpler necklace and larger, chandelier-type earrings. Sorry this is so vague, but I'd appreciate any heip you could give so I have an idea where to start.

Happy New Year! :-)

Re: Advice on Accessories

  • Gorgeous dress! Like Cmgr, I think it all will have to do with how you style your hair. My dress has a top that is similar to yours sweetheart with a sparkly belt under the bust. I'm planning to have my hair up, so I went with a simple pair of dangling earrings.


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  • Another vote for no necklace; however I would add a glittering bracelest that complements the belt of your dress and glittering chandelier earrings.  
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    Less is definitely more.

    I am not a fan of necklaces with wedding dresses.  Even in a very plain dress a necklace tends to take away from the pretty lines of the bodice of the dress.

    I would wear a nice pair of earrings and a pretty bracelet.

  • Your dress is gorgeous!  My dress had a sash similar to yours and I opted for drop earrings with no necklace.  The sash added alot to the complete look, as I also wore a bracelet.  I agree with above PP, if your hair is up, earrings would be the better look.  If your hair is down, you can get by with small or even no earrings at all and add the necklace.  However, I also prefer the less is more look.  
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  • I would go with some gorgeous sparkly drop earrings and a thicker bracelet--not like over the top, but something with a little more width 
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  • I agree with PPs. If not for the fact that I will be wearing my great-great-great-great grandmother's necklace, I wouldn't be going for one. All I will suggest is to wear something that you think you will always be ahppy about seeing in your photos. Your wedding really sn't the time to deviate from your usual style.
  • Hi Everyone, thank you for all of the responses! At this time I haven't decided how I'm doing my hair but will probably end up wearing it up (it's a little bit longer than shoulder length so not really long enough to wear down or half-up). I was leaning towards avoiding the larger type necklace and agree that less is more. I don't wear over the top necklaces normally so I'd rather wear something simple that is more "me".

    Happy New Year!

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