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On a budget?

I wanted to throw out a helpful tip:
I didnt initially want a veil, but I ended up finding one that I LOVED!

Sara Grabriel's "Wendy" to the tune of $250.

No way I'm paying $250 for a peice of tulle. NO way. I still have about a million things to pay for.

I found a handmade replica on Etsy.Com for $59. I just purchased it and I'm waiting for it to arrive. It already has rave reviews from a previous bride/photographer. The woman who makes it is really nice and has already messaged me a few times with specifics to be sure she gives me what I want.

Call it cheap if you want...I call it being smart. I would feel bad if I knew Sara Gabriel spent $250 to make that veil, but I KNOW its just a manufactured veil so SUCK IT, markups!

Check out Etsy if you love something but you're one a budget. Worked for me!

Re: On a budget?

  • swjb2010swjb2010
    edited December 2011
    I'm so with you on veils. I do NOT understand spending hundreds on a piece of tulle, which is literally one of the cheapest materials you can buy. I mean, I'm pretty sure it's something like 25 cents a yard. So, getting one handmade by an awesome seller on Etsy who probably needs the extra money way more than a major designer? I don't call that cheap, I call it smart. :)

    I decided to go sans veil myself. I think I'm just going to do some small flowers in my hair.
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    That's a pretty good discount! And I agree that a veil is about the dumbest thing to spend 100+ on. I just wanted something really plain, so I got mine from valuveil off ebay and it was only $15.
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    I love Etsy!! i bought a gorgeous pearl/crystal necklace and earring set there and I'm so happy with it! Not to mention it's handmade which makes it even cooler and unique : )
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