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I haven't really posted on here but I checked on here periodically for reviews.  I wanted to be apart of the Seattle facebook page but I only have a lot of posts on thenest from before they switched to proboards and only a few on theknot so I never actually tried.  I will review my vendors though if anyone is interested. 

Venue- A+
 I saw someone on here actually suggest VRBO a long time ago.  I decided to check it out since my wedding was small and I found a beautiful place with the nicest owners you can possibly imagine.  Also, I love that on our anniversary we can stay here- the house is definitely small but the yard is amazing.  Parking is tight so if your wedding is larger you would have to shuttle people but for 15 people it was perfect.  Since my wedding was so low key we just rented the cottage for 2 nights and it was perfect. 

The owner did say for weddings/events over 15 people they charge $150.00.   If you are just renting the place for the event and not staying overnight that is included in that $150.00.

Flowers- A  I did costco for DIY centerpieces, bouts, and flowers to give to the MOBs and safeway for bouquets.  Both exceeded my expectations for price and for how wonderful everything look.  I was amazed and spent total less than $150.00.

Dress- B David's Bridal- I do not like doing business with David's Bridal- it felt seedy.  The alterations lady knew she messed up my dress and didn't say anything, luckily my friend saw it and the alternations person fixed it.  At the end of the day I still loved my dress and felt wonderful in it so they still got a B.  I think my dress cost less than $500. with all alterations.

Suit- A My husband bought a tan suit from Macy's for less than $200.00 and it was perfect. 

Jewelry- A http://www.etsy.com/listing/77804751/special-purple-white-ivory-baroque-rice
I LOVED this set- I got the necklace and earrings.  I spent about $15.00 total for both including shipping and I was very pleasantly surprised.  I was actually going to give them to a friend when I bought them but after receiving them in the mail I realized they were perfect and got my friend something else, lol.

Photography- A+ http://www.kipperphotography.com/
She did an amazing job and also does awesome family photos.  Very talented and also very good people skills.  I will definitely have her do any other pics we have professionally done.  

Officiate- B+ http://www.marriedbyannemarie.com/
I liked her, she did a good job.  She started out a bit rough- like a drill Sargent, lol.  Afterwards she was much more laid back. I did like the softer side of her, I have to admit. 

Cake- A+ http://www.maribelsdreamcakes.com/page/page/5908700.htm
Maribel is extremely nice, her cakes are beautiful and taste just as good.  I was pretty picky about the cake and she was incredible- just kept giving me more cake to eat, lol.  She  made us three mini cakes for free and they were all incredible.  We got a cake to serve 200 people if that tells you how much we loved her cake and we already ate the free anniversary cake she gave us to freeze lol. 

Hair/makeup- A+ http://sophiavanslyke.prosite.com/
Loved her.  She made me feel beautiful.  I never wear any make up and my hair is normally thrown in a pony tail so I was a little nervous but in both personality and her talent are A+++.  Check her yelp reviews- that is why I originally went to her for a hair cut and after that I knew I wanted her to do my hair for the wedding. 

Hopefully this helps someone out. 

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