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Organising all my stuff out... I need help!

Hello hello!

Well, I haven't been on the forum very often lately, because I'm trying to finish this thesis and it's not going so well. Working full time, writing a thesis and planning a wedding is keeping me pretty busy (read : I sleep an average of 4-5 hours a night, and FI isn't too pleased). I enjoy everything I do, but time flies SO FAST!

My problem : my FI and my MOH had a talk with me (separately) and told me they aren't too happy that I planned so many DIY projects for the wedding (invitations, bouquets, favors, centerpieces, etc.) and that nothing is done yet. I really want to finish my thesis first, but now it's looking that I will finish just before Christmas and I will have to push all my DIY projects between January 1st and the wedding day, on February 16th. I think FI is getting really excited by the wedding planning and wants us to start now doing DIY projets together during weekends. This is why he wants me to finish this thesis ASAP. My MOH, I think, is more concerned with my sanity. lol

OMG, why, why did I filled my head with all these projects at a moment where I'm not even done with the biggest school project I've ever done!? *sigh* Er, and by projects, I mean DIY projects, not the wedding itself! Some days I wish I could fastforward to February 16th just so I could already marry my awesome FI and stop caring about centerpieces, favors and bouquets!!

What should I do so our wedding preparation is ready on time and I still have my sanity on the wedding day?

Re: Organising all my stuff out... I need help!

  • LOL you crack me up woman!! I voted to cut yourself some slack and buy some of the things you aren't super attached to doing DIY style. Realistically, a month and a half to complete all of your DIY projects if you were super efficient and diligent isn't that bad, but you dont want all of that stress added on right after the holidays. Originally I wanted to go all DIY too, but alleviating some of the pressure will be just as rewarding as doing it yourself, and I bet you'd be just as happy with the results!

  • I voted for you to listen to your MOH (I also like the last option, too ;-) lol!!).  I cut a LOT of DIY projects due to having school work also and I feel really great about that decision.  Ever since I made that choice I was excited/looking forward to work on wedding things after the school work is done as opposed to feeling overwhelmed and worrying if I'm going to have enough time for everything.  Total weight lifted AND I could focus on my studies more!  You may become more productive in your theses after cutting some DIY projects knowing you are not pressed for time!
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  • Hmmm, hard to pick from the options you gave on the poll.  I think you should evaluate how long each of your DIY projects will take (not just the actual making, but gathering components, learning techniques you don't know yet, rough drafts, glue/paint drying, etc) vs. how important it is to you that its DIY'd by you (as opposed to say, a random Etsy seller).  If its important to you and/or you think the actual DIY'ing is doable in the time frame you need it done, then go for it!
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  • Thank you for you replies!

    I think I originally planned a lot of DIY because I wanted to personnalise our bid day and to have fun doing special projects with my FI. Now, I think I start to realise that maybe we don't have to prepare everything from stratch : vendors can take care of that, and our ceremony & reception can still be as personnalised!

    I think I'll have a chat with my FI about dispatching some details to vendors. I know he will care as much as me about the book-paper bouquets, but I'm sure we'll manage to get rid of some DIY projects that weren't particularly meaningfull to us.

    Thanks again, ladies!

    *aaand, now back to work*
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