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How to coordinate Buying dress for Mom living out of state?

I need advice, please!
My mom lives out of state, in a pretty rural area. (There is no mall or Target).

I am paying to fly her in to Houston for my wedding, also paying for hotel & her dress.  She will be coming in for only the 2-3 days around the wedding.

Any advice on where to get decent MOB dress, and how early I should do this?  It is not feasible for me to fly to PA early to help her buy dress.  Note that she has recently lost a lot of weight, so I am not sure what size dress to buy her.  I just want her to feel comfortable and beautiful at the wedding.

Any tips on where to get affordable dresses, off the rack?  Or should I try to find her one online?  I am clueless on where to even start with this.

Thanks in advance for your help, ladies!

Re: How to coordinate Buying dress for Mom living out of state?

  • Another note: I am purchasing my wedding gown from Alfred Angelo's but they have a long delivery for MOB dresses, & nothing off the rack.

  • I went last weekend with my mom and FMIL to King of Prussia mall in the Philly area. His mom found a dres off the rack at Lord & Taylor and my mom found her's at Nordstrom. I don't know what your budget is but their dresses were each around $250. However, at L&T, if you open a store card you get 25% off that day so FMIL saved a good bit of money on hers. I think you can find some great dresses off the rack at the nicer department stores but it will definitely depend on budget and what style your mom is looking for. Good Luck!
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  • Nordstrom online has lots of dresses and free delivery with a very liberal return policy. Can she shop online? Can you shop online and have dresses sent to her?
  • PP's have good suggestions. But, unless she has specifically asked you to pick out and physically help her find and try on dresses, I'm confused as to why she can't just pick something out herself, and have you reimburse her. Or, if money is so tight for her that that's not feasible, why can't she find something herself, let you know, you send her a check, and then she buys it (or if the store has it online you can just buy it and ship it to her after she's tried it on/confirmed the size in person).
  • Did she ask for your help or can she go off and just look for dresses herself at stores near her?

    I'm not being snarky at all, I've been shopping for my grandmother for almost 5 years now without her being able to come with me, so I'm just wondering what you mom's situation is so I can answer your question better.
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    My mom, the bride's grandmother, walked into David's and purchased her dress in less than an hour. She is very fussy and difficult to fit.  There was a very nice selection of off the wrack MOB dresses, in our local store. Not sure if that is the case throughout the chain. You should check your local store, in advance, if you plan on waiting until your mom arrives for the wedding. You can also order on line. Here is their return policy: http://www.davidsbridal.com/OnlineHelp_help-order-changes-returns-exchanges?leftNav=true#retExch
    Apparently, store purchases are not returnable, while online purchases are.

    The other option would be ordering on - line, by her measurements. Macy's, Nordstrom, JC Penney have very flexible return policies - and free shipping if you spend $100. This is what I did. I ordered a dress that I saw in Macy's, in 2 different sizes, in the color that I liked (not available in store), kept the best size and returned the other. There was a 25%off online coupon when I ordered. After the holidays, there will be clearance dresses.

    To be honest, I'd be very nervous about waiting until 3 days before the wedding to find a dress. Tell mom to bring something she already owns as a back up plan.
  • Any large department store will be online. 

    Try Nordstroms or the like for the Teri Jon line.  I wore a three piece, pale blue silk, a shirred strapless top, long straight skirt and a little matching jacket for the church.

    Actually my daughter found it, I had found a similar design but in green.  We both liked the blue after trying it on but it turned out to be the best looking one.

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