Dayton Area Event spaces on the cheap?

My girlfriend is getting married in Dayton in April of next year.  They need a place to host their reception that will allow them to bring in their own alcohol and food.  Catering would throw the budget.
I'm familiar with all of these type of places for Cincinnati, but not Dayton.
Of course, online searching is difficult because if someone is advertising for wedding spaces, they're generally out to make a buck.  So, that typically makes them too expensive.

I was thinking that there may be an independent art gallery or that type of space that would rent out.  They are responsive to lodges, but I cannot even find those on the cheap in that area.  The closest I know of is in Sharon Woods, but I think that's too far out of Dayton than they'd like.
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Re: Dayton Area Event spaces on the cheap?

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    How many people are they planning on having? We're using The Cannery Art and Design Center, located downtown, that can hold around 150-200. The rental fee is $850 for a Saturday, but it's much cheaper during the week.

    Other ideas would be one of the Metroparks, although the weather might be iffy in April to do something outside.
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  • Try the Greek Orthodox Church. They have a reception room and the fees are reasonable and you privide your own caterer and beverage.

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