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Hi, I get married next fall. I am from a military family and have moved all my life. My friends are all over the country and so is my family- including 3 of my BMs. (hehe bm)

I dont have a maid of honor- i have almost never had best female friends.... in fact my last two bf have been my male bosses. The one bm that lives here has been explicit about never wanting to be a MOH again. She does not want the duties. My mother, bless her heart, is in another state and horribly irresponsible anyway. To boot im budget and diy.

HELP ME. Theres no one to host anything but me and him. I have aqaintances from dance class but havent been going in the last 2 months because of knee issues. Who is gonna do the showers etc?

And to add insult to injury my FI has 2 wonderful sisters whom have expressed interest in helping but have kids/ crazy jobs ( are much older than us) and want to do things completely on their schedule. For instance, our parents wont meet at the engagement party one of them offered to host till spring because shes busy. No one to shop with, or craft with.... at least not until the last minute.

BTW i dont want 'guy' parties or a male MOH- i want g/fs. I want girl bonding. :(
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Re: Female friends/ Moh duties Xpost

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    Try to remember that it's no one's "job" to do anything for you. Choose the people closest to you to stand up with you, no matter if they're available to offer help or not. My bridesmaids are in 2 states and 3 cities (none with me...and in Texas everything's a days drive away).  No one has helped me with mom hasn't even helped. It's not their job. You're the bride, you do the work (and hopefully your FI has offered help), or hire someone to do it. Any help anyone gives is a gift and favor to you. 

    Showers, too, are gifts. You only get one if someone offers to throw one for you. Often, it's not even the wedding party that does this, so maybe your family will surprise you. You have like 9 months before any shower would likely happen, so I wouldn't worry yet. 
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    thanks- i suppose i needed the humility check )
    My FI is the sweetest best friend and you guys are great  too.
    thanks- we will have alot of fun this year!
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    What Retread said.  Welcome, OP.
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    [QUOTE]I hope you enjoy the planning. Please keep  us informed.  If someone else's eyes start to glaze when you talk about your wedding,come tell us about it.  We don't get bored discussing shades of purple or types of favors.
    Posted by RetreadBride[/QUOTE]

    <div>Definitely. haha! I may seem sane and composed on the outside but on the inside I'm jumping and squealing because I got my cake topper today! lol!</div><div>
    </div><div>Oh, and check out your month board if you haven't (Oct 2012 I think?). The month board are really awesome too! Welcome! =)</div>
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