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Best RSVP Card Wording, Help!!

Hi Ladies,
I'm trying to solidify my invite wording before printing and the RSVP cards are giving me trouble. We have very limited space (only 100 people) for our wedding, which includes the bride and groom, families, wedding party and friends. Needless to say, we are trying to avoid surprise guests as much as possible (of course i know that it may happen anyways). So i'm trying to find the best wording in the RSVP card that will communicate exactly how many people are accepting. Sounds like an easy task right? Yeah, well i've just googled it and confused the heck out of myself. Any suggestions??
Thank you!!

Re: Best RSVP Card Wording, Help!!

  • How about:
    ____ Seats have been reserved in your honor.

    and fill in the number. that should make it pretty clear.
  • Oh yeah that's good. I just know that even though we're addressing the evelopes to the parents and not children, some will probably try to bring kids anyways and i'd like to be given a heads up. Or one person from the couple can come and the other can't... you get the picture. Seats reserved is a good idea, thanks!
  • I know it takes a lot more work, but I printed the invited peoples name on the response card with no room for them to add other names.  That way all they have to do is just check whether or not they are coming.  This is the format I used:

     Please respond by the twenty-fifth of August  Mr. Bob Smith___________ Graciously Accepts       ___________ Regretfully Declines Mrs. Jane Smith___________ Graciously Accepts       ___________ Regretfully Declines
  • I'm sorry, that did not turn out!!  Just put a space after every line and that is how it is supposed to look :)
  • See, I don't know if this is necessary. If you have inner envelopes that clearly state who is invited, your guests *should* understand without being told.

    I find the weird solutions above kind of confusing. Plus, the whole idea of "two seats are reserved in your honor"...does that mean if my husband and I are invited to a wedding and one of us can't come we can sub in a random person?

  • I agree with AC.  Saying X amount of seats have been reserved for you makes simple, clear and much easier in the end for you. 

  • J. Crew's idea should do the trick, along with making sure your envelopes make it very clear who is invited.

    Also, just an FYI, you shouldn't be inviting one member of a couple and not another.
  • I wrote all of the names of those invited on the reply cards, followed by:

    ______ number attending

    ______ number unable to attend

  • Our RSVP cards specifically list each person invited, and ask for their individual entree choice, as I needed that information.  The template for this is in my bio, under templates.

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