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Snarky Brides


Didn't you make crockpot beer chicken not too long ago? Could you possibly remind of how the recipe went because you told me but i didn't write it down and i wanted to make it tomorrow.
Thanks love

Re: KD

  • Sure did!


    And if you have a Kitchenaid stand mixer it works wonders to chop it up while its still hot, then I throw it back into the BBQ beer sauce and stir it up. Delicious!
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  • KD- This looks awesome. Thanks!
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    [QUOTE]KD- This looks awesome. Thanks!
    Posted by LetsHikeToday[/QUOTE]

    I thought you followed me on Pinterest?

    And you are welcome. BTW it makes a lot, so it's be good for a party.
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  • Thanks Kd. It looks delicious
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: KD : Sorry to highjack the thread for a second, but do you mean that you put the whole chicken breasts in the stand mixer to shred it?  Because that sounds awesome and like the solution to all of my "I hate to shred chicken" needs.  Do you use the standard mixing paddle?
    Posted by kwitherington[/QUOTE]

    Sorry K, yes I use the standard paddle and it shreds it wonderfully.
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