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Russian/Italian wedding!

Any suggestions for traditions and style in our summer wedding?  Food in our cultures is really intimate and special.  How can we incorporate both cuisines in our menu? A lot of our family want to bake dishes but our caterer declines this.  Please help..

Re: Russian/Italian wedding!

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    I am Russian and my FI is Italian.  We also had a delima when it came to food... and the way it's served.  Neither of us like Buffett and I like family style but thought it might be a bit uncomfortable for those that are sharing a table but don't know eachother.  So we decided to go with a station themed wedding.  We are having a cocktail hour with 35 passed h'dvs and a heavy italian anti-pasta display.  Then for the recepiton we are having 12 different stations, a Russian Station, a Caviar Station, a Rissoto, Ravioli and Gnocci station, and a bunch other.  We worked it out with our venue that there will be food available all night long to our guets.  Because Russian's are drinkers I did not want there to be a null in the food because people need to eat when they drink.  It is much more expensive this way but it might also be because we are having 12 stations...  most people that do station theme only do about 3 stations.  We are getting married on an off night (Wed.) and are paying prime price of what we would be paying on a Saturday night in June for a regular sit down.  If we did our menu on a Saturday night in June we would be paying well over $200 per person. 

    So... just an option.  Hope it helped.  What are you doing for music?
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    I am half Ukrainian and half Canadian, and my FI is completely Italian. I am also hoping to get the best of both worlds when it comes to food. I am planning on have a plate of Pierogies on every table, and I was thinking of offering the choice in between a Borscht or an Italian traditional soup. As for desert, offer good deserts on the midnight sweet table, that way, you can have a very large selection of deserts. If your caterers don't accept outside food, would they accept being given instructions as to how to make specific dishes? I have to say that I find it quite annoying that I pay a large amount of money to organise a party in a venu that won't let me have it the way I want it, I mean, what is there to pay for if you don't get fully served... Try to push them a bit with some fake threats that you will look elsewhere (even if you don't) to see if they will mind adapting to your needs. I have the intention of incorporating some funny Italian and Ukrainian traditions during the party, but being born in Canada, I am still trying to find what would be suited, and what is the meaning behind it... I am really lost as to how to incorporate them. Also for the music, I was thinking of having maybe 2 or 3 traditional folk songs from our origins, while the food is being served, but I am not sure if it's too tacky... The music while we eat would then be a combination of Jazz, and very few Italian and Ukrainian songs, in order to keep the dancing music when it is time to dance and not eat.
    Hopefully my ideas were able to help, I am looking forward to read on!
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