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I'm going to have 2 bridesmaids my sister and my fiance's sister. I didn't really want his sister to be a bridesmaid because I feel that she is to young, but I gave in because she was so excited to be part of the wedding. My problem is that his sister is 13 and mine is 21. Because of this I wanted to do a different style of dress for both of them to make sure they are age appropriate. My fiance's sister has taken offense to this. In my opinion she is a 'junior bridesmaid' and I feel that her taste will probably be different than my sister's. How do I make the different dress thing sound good  to her without offending or making my contempt about her being a bridesmaid come out?

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    Are they vastly different body types?  If so, i'd just put it to her that way - that you want them each to find a dress in a style that is most flattering to their shape, and since they are different shapes that will mean different dresses.  Otherwise, I'd probably just find something that works for them both.  As long as it's not low cut/lots of cleaveage or super short you should be fine - and let's face it, it's probably a good idea go that route anyway.
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    Different dresses is the way to go!  She's 13 and will probably throw a fit no matter what you tell her. It's important to make sure that your older bridesmaid wear something age appropriate to her as well, something that won't make her look like she's 13!  Let your 13 year old future SIL know that she's not a grown up, that this is your wedding, and if she wants to be a bridesmaid she needs to wear what you pick out for her, and that will be a different dress than your older bridesmaid.  Tell her that when she gets married someday, if she wants you to be HER bridesmaid, she gets to be the boss and make you wear whatever she wants too! Wink
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    My first thought is "What 13 year old girl DOESN"T take offense at everything?"  I understand wanting to make people happy, but c'mon now.  This is a child.  She wears what she is told to wear or she isn't in the wedding.  It's part of learning how to deal with a situation with grace.

    And ditto everyone else about 2 dresses being fine, keeping it age appropriate, etc.  If you really want to make her feel like she has a choice, present her with three dress options that you can live with and let her pick the one she wants out of those.  But be prepared for stink-face from her in your photos anyway :)
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