Recommended officiant in Baltimore/DC area?

I'm searching for an officiant for my wedding next summer in MD. My fiance and I are not particularly religious, but would still like an element of spirituality in our ceremony. We are open to pretty much any reverend, celebrant, judge, etc., but I really like officiants who speak about the couple's relationship or make the ceremony feel personal.

We met with one reverend who was very friendly, but he basically reads from a script and doesn't add anything personal about the couple. I love wedding ceremonies where the officiant speaks about the couple; I attended one recently where the celebrant had the bride and groom email her comments on why they love each other, and then she read some of them at the ceremony. I've love to find an officiant like that! Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!

Re: Recommended officiant in Baltimore/DC area?

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    Just curious.... how would a hired officiant that you don't know personally be able to add anything personal about you and your FI?  Even if you tell him what to saym he is still reading from a script. I am getting married in Harford Co. by my mother's pastor.  He's only met us once.  I don't expect him to have much to say beyond the script.  We are basically just paying him to marry us.

    Can you just tell someone what you want them to say?
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    Hi Ali -

    DH and I used Rev Laura Cannon from Divine Transformation for very similar reasons.  I am religious but DH is not overly so, and we wanted a ceremony that would be spiritual without being overly religious.  I cannot speak highly enough about Rev. Laura.  She really listened to what we wanted and tailored our ceremony to us.  We went back and forth with the draft for the ceremony until we were both happy with the results.  We met with her in her home to let her get to know us better and also used her for some relationship coaching prior to our big day.  We continue to receive compliments from wedding guests about our ceremony, and I think my brother may be using her for his upcoming wedding as well.

    Let me know if you have any questions I can answer about Rev. Laura!  Best of luck with wedding planning.
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    check out Jeff Maszal, he offered pre martial counseling with us (not religious or required) which gave him the chance to get to know us, he can be spirtual or contemporary, he has tons of scripts to choose from and has multiple different readings/prayers/blessing you can pick and choose.  he is a great guy and I cannot wait for him to marry us!  I told him I wanted a sprinkeling of God and he worked with us to get the ceremony to where we wanted it.  His email is [email protected]  Highly reccommended! 
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    I used Bill Duffy and was very happy with our ceremony. 
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    We used Hope McNew and LOVED her - she gave us a lot of leeway in terms of personalizing the ceremony and provided a lot of materials to use for inspiration. We had a lot of things go wrong the day of and she was super calm and flexible, which was much appreciated.
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    I had the same requests and I am using Lance Orndorff.

    Our wedding has not happened yet but so far he seems really great in accomodating our requests. On his website, there are TONS of sample ceremonies or you can write your own. Good luck with whatever you choose!

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    Try Rev. Rebecca A. Skidmore with Heartfelt Memories.  She is awesome and I have personally seen her officiate 5 weddings and each and everyone was beautiful, unique, and unforgettable.

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     My husband and I used Rev. Alberta Eaton.  Rev. Eaton took the time to get to know us and our relationship and wrote a very persnal ceremony for us.  I was very happy with it.

    My sister used Rev. Hope McNew and was very pleased with her. 
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