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Shower Venus for 70+ guests Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess

I am the MOH for my cousin's wedding this summer and am beginning to plan her bridal shower. We have a date picked and originally it was supposed to be held at her mother's house. My cousin has always wanted a bridal shower at home. Unfortunately, the shower guest list is 83 people (!!) and we cannot accomodate at her mother's or my house.

I'm trying to find a place that will accomodate that many guests and still be affordable. There are 6 bridesmaids and we will be splitting the costs. I'd like to keep the shower cost lost between the 6 of us and am willing to chip in a little more as MOH.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I would like to stay away from the halls such as Knights of Columbus, Elks Club, etc. and to have it more at a clubhouse or restaurant.

My cousin was my MOH for my wedding last year and did a flawless job for my shower/bachelorette. I have big shoes to fill!

Please help!!! Thanks.

Re: Shower Venus for 70+ guests Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess

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    83 people???? seriously? i think my shower had like 20. you don't need to invite every single female that's invited to the wedding to the shower.

    check restaurants like spiga or other family style restaurants. 
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    My shower is actually this weekend. My mom is hosting it and she invited around 65 people. I'm not supposed to know but it will be at the Travelers Rest in Ossining. We had my brothers engagement party there 2 years ago & they do a beautiful job. Also the Cortlandt Clonial is a very nice place for a shower, they can accomodate that many guests.
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    If you are planning on having it on a Sunday I would check out Chalet on the Hudson.  They have a seperate room for big events & on Sunday's they hold a brunch which is exteremly reasonable $23pp approx.  Plus the food is amazing too!  We're having our reception there & was just talking to the chef about having a brunch there the following day,
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    All these should be willing to work with you:

    Chalet on the Hudson in Cold Spring

    Lakeview Terrace at Four Brothers Restaurant in Mahopac
    Fratelli II Italian Restaurant in Mahopac
    Putnam National Golf Club (the smaller room) in Mahopac
    The Lantern in Mahopac

    Sciortino''s restaurant in Brewster

    The Piatto Grill in Yorktown

    Somerfields in Somers
    Bistro 19 (formerly The Pinnacle) in Somers

    Hollowbrook Golf Club in Cortlandt
    At the Reef in Cortlandt
    Cortlandt Colonial in Cortlandt
    Colonial Terrace (the small room)  in Cortlandt

    The Cove (formerly Crystal Bay) in Peekskill

    Traveler's Rest in Ossining

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