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Affordable venues in the Highlands Ranch, Parker area???


Im just starting to look at venue's for our wedding and I was wondering if anyone knew of any affordable venue's in that area? THANKS!

Re: Affordable venues in the Highlands Ranch, Parker area???

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    I don't know if you are looking for inside or outside.  I live in Highlands Ranch and had my wedding at Genessee park outside, then the reception at Christies of Genesee.  It was much cheaper than a lot of places and really pretty.  I looked into some of the Crystal Rose locations, I know they have one in Highlands Ranch, but we wanted the "mountain feel", even though Genesee is not really the mountains...out of town family thought it was!  I am a wedding photographer also, and have photographed many low-cost weddings at parks, and rec centers.  I shot one that was at a local park then had the reception in a rec center.  I know another couple that is planning theirs for Wash park in Denver.  You just have to get the permit to use the park.  It cost us $200 to reserve the park at Genesee.  Also, depending on if you want dancing, or what not at your reception, you could just have your reception at a restraunt.  When I was in college I waited on several wedding parties at the Italian restraunt I worked at.  So, it really depends on your style. 

    So, Inside or outside?
    Reception and ceremony (are you having both? and are they in the same place?)
    At the reception if you have one, do you need dancing?

    Also, time of day....breakfast or lunch is cheaper than dinner.

    I hope this helps.  I know weddings get expensive very quickly (I am nearing my first anniversary).  If you need a photographer, let me know. Smile (since I am an art teacher also, I don't have to charge as much as the photographers that are full-time photographers)

    Good luck to you!
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    Oh!  Sorry, I just thought of this.  I know I once went to a restraunt in Parker (I think it was the Iron Horse or something like that) and they gave us the whole back room for the meeting we were having.  I bet you could have a ceremony and reception at a place like that!
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    Perfect thank you so much for your help! You gave me a lot of good info and a few things to think about. I also found a church (Cherry Hills Community Church) that has a separate chapel that is BEAUTIFUL and doesn't look like it would be too expensive. But you gave me some good ideas as far as a reception, I LOVE dancing so there would have to be dancing.... I wonder if I did it in a park I could rent one of those big tents and one of those dance floors? And thanks for the photographer offer I may need one! We have a friend, but he is pretty expensive so maybe you would be cheaper? Anyways thank you for your help let me know if you have any other ideas!
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    I'm not sure how much the tents cost, but you would also have to factor in a DJ so one of the all-inclusive places like a Crystal Rose may be good.  I know since I did my ceremony at a different location than the reception I was able to use all the rental time for the party part so we got to spend more time with family and friends.  That was good since I didn't even get to talk to everybody!  Let me know if you want to meet up sometime if you are interested in photography. 
    Just email me [email protected]

    Good luck with all your planning!  Remember, this is supposed to be fun!
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    We're doing ours here: http://www.douglas.co.us/eventscenter/Louviers_Village_Clubhouse.html It's close to Highlands Ranch and definitely affordable.
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