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In need of a Wedding Planner

I am looking for a Wedding Planner in the Birmingham Area.  Who are you ladies using? And when you interviewed prospective Planners what did you ask and/or look for?

Thanks so much ladies I really dont think I can do everything on my own.

Re: In need of a Wedding Planner

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    We're hiring M. Elizabeth Events, but just for the day of. 

    I'll be honest- My main concern was price. I couldn't justify paying someone upwards of $1000 for one day of work. But I also heavily took into consideration how strong the communication was in the beginning- I felt very well taken care of through the whole process, while with some other companies I felt either ignored or we got too much attention (I don't hate much more than someone clearly pandering for a sale).

    Be sure you and the coordinator have a very clear idea of what you need from them... And it never hurts to ask for a specific package.

    We also looked at Molly Shook, but she wasn't available for our date :/

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    There are several great ones in the area:

    www.beckysbrides.com (this is me :))

    Good luck!  I hope this helps!

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    You may be surprised by what you can do if you have enough time. I can't suggest anyone but let me tell you about my little God send from my FSIL. She got me a major planner from Books A Million. It has all kinds of questions to ask different vendors, budget lists, and plenty of other helpful hints you may never think of on your own. It's called "The Complete Wedding Planner and Organizer" by Elizabeth and Alex Lluch.

    Best wishes!
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