Wedding Hair & Bridesmaids

A couple of questions:

1. If its not TMI, would anyone mind sharing how much they spent on getting their hair done the day of the wedding? Did you go to your stylist or did your stylist come to you?

2. Should I pay to get my bridesmaids hair and make up done or is that something they pay for on their own?

TIA :o)

Re: Wedding Hair & Bridesmaids

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    1. I had my hair done at Gene Juarez (I went there, but it's pretty close to where I live and got ready) and I think it was like $150, including the trial. I had my make-up done by someone from Coupe Rokei (they came to my house) and it was $160 including the trial and travel cost.

    2. If you want your BMs to have their hair/make-up done, then you should say so and pay.  Otherwise, I don't think you can force them to have it done (basically telling them to spend another $100+).  I think there is a general consensus (at least in this area, I'm sure in different parts of the country there are different norms) that it's optional and it's not exactly nice to force your friends to pay more on top of everything they are already spending.  I thought it was really nice of the bride to pay for us to get our hair done the last time I was a BM, but I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself and wouldn't have paid to get it done. 

    FWIW, looking back on my own wedding, I sometimes wish I'd spent the money to have my BM's hair done because as a BM this past summer, it was nice to be pampered (btw they did each other's hair for my wedding and all looked great).
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    I had Salon Maison which was $350 for hair and make-up and the trial run and they came to me for everything which was great.  I gave it to my bm as my gift to them for being in the wedding.  I had to get them something anyways so it was perfect and we all had fun that morning being pampered.
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    1) I got mine done by Angela Welsh and Zo hair salon in Kirkland. For hair and make up including trials, I think it was close to 300 dollars.

    2) Ditto PP, if there is a set style you want pay for it. If not then don't. My BM opted to have their hair done, just because they wanted to feel pampered. I paid for 150 dollars worth their Bm dresses. I think I would have rather had them pay for their dresses and paid to have their hair and mu done. I think they would have appreciated it more.
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    I just booked with pacific artistry. They are coming to my house for me, bridesmaids that are choosign to have hair and make up and my mom. The cost for the bride (hair and makeup) is 250 (this includes a trial run of both , airbrushing and false lashes if you want them). the cost for the Bridesmaids is 65 (hair and make up) or 45 for either hair or makeup.

    Bridesmaids are paying for themselves as I have already arranged for mani and pedi day (on me) before we head out to rehearsal dinner.

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