Sitting or standing?

Hi all!  It's been a while, and I took a holiday from planning, but I'm back, and so is the stress!

So I'm getting married on Pine Point Beach.  I called about parking and found out I need a permit ($100) to get married there- public beach my bum.  Anyway, I wanted to rent chairs for my 125 guests to sit in during the ceremony, but the director said that 125 is too many so I can either push my wedding back from 4:30 to 6:00 or have no/limited chairs (he didn't give me a number). 

So here's my dilema:  Do I keep everything they way it is planned and except for parents and others who must sit, everyone stands for the ceremony?  Or do I push it all back to 6 and my guests eat dinner around 8?

Any and all advice is WELCOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Sitting or standing?

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    The last two weddings I went to everyone (other than elderly grandparents) were standing. At first I thought it was wierd, because I've always been to weddings where there are chairs... but then it went fine. No one seemed uncomfortable and I was able to hear/see just fine.

    I'd like to know other ppls thoughts too because I might look into Pine Point (thnx for the suggestion!), but don't think I could wait until 6 because it will be too chilly at that time in September.

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    I have been to a few weddings where we stood during the ceremony and I didn't mind it.  I think as long as you have seats for your most important people and people who have trouble standing you would be all set.  After all, most ceremonies are pretty quick. 
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    This was recently discussed on the Etiquette board...General consensus was that it's a big no-no.  I personally don't mind standing, but some of your guests are going to find it rude. I suggest that if you go with the limited seating (you simply MUST have some seats, so find out what he means by "limited"), make sure your ceremony is going to be -very- brief.  Your average guest is going to arrive 15 minutes early, most weddings start at least 10 minutes late, so they're already standing for 25 minutes, before you even hit the aisle.  Your wedding is in early July (don't make me do the math from your ticker!)?  Sunset won't be until 8:20ish, so you'd have plenty of time if you want to wait until after 6.

    Kate, sunset in September is approx 6:45, so 6 is probably too late for you.


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    If you haven't sent out your invites yet and gotten your RSVP's your guest list might be smaller.  I would find out what the maximum number of chairs are allowed for your present time, and if it works out make the decision once you have all your RSVP's in.
  • JaimeMarieBJaimeMarieB member
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    I went to a wedding recently that everyone was standing.  I hated it because all the tall people some how ended up in the front and no one could see. What is the limit on chairs?
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    I've never been to a wedding where I had to stand, and I can see how it might not be the most convenient for people. But I have been to weddings where, by the time I got dinner, it was 9:30 and I was freakin' famished. Personally, I'd rather stand for a ceremony than eat late -- 8 is not too bad, but not everyone will eat right at 8. Plus, having dinner at 8 means pushing back everything, like time for dancing, etc. Are a lot of people going to be staying nearby? If not, you may have people leaving right after dinner if it's late and they need to drive home.

    Definitely make sure people aren't standing long, as pp said, and if it's hot while people are standing, make sure there's water and/or shade.

    Just my two cents!
  • krisdoug13krisdoug13 member
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    I'd say if you want the wedding earlier go with that. If there are some chairs available, I would leave chairs for grandparents, and other older guests.  I agree with PP in that you should just try to limit the length of the ceremony and if it's a hot sunny day provide the guests with water.
  • LaciWLaciW member
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    If it's going to be on the beach have people sit on towels. I've seen this done for people who have gotten married in a field (sat on blankets). You could even get towels in your colors, or suggest people bring a beach towel to sit on if they prefer not to stand.
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    hey everyone!  Thanks for the suggestions!

    I heard back and we can have 50 chairs for my 150 guests (although I don't think they will be counting, so I might slip a few extras in there...).  We have a lot of friends who have offered to stand, so there should be plenty of seating for everyone else.  I actually like the towel idea, and we already have a blanket for shoes, so we might encourage people to do that if they want!

    All in all, I think we are just going to make the ceremony short and sweet and call it a day.  Thanks!
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