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Videographer or not?

Did you have a videographer?  If not, do you wish you did?  If you did, who did you use?  I don't really have it in the budget so I want someone on the cheaper side, but I am fearing that if I don't get one I am going to regret it.

Re: Videographer or not?

  • I decided to get one because other brides told me not having one was their biggest regret. We went with Island Shore Productions. Just think: it's something your future children can watch and family that couldn't be there.
  • I personally don't think it's worth the money, and would rather put that into something better like photography or ceremony music.

    I have a FLIP video handheld camera that I will give to my FBIL or Brother and with them sitting up front, they will be more than happy to video.  Professional?  no, but i'd rather them do it, then put out $500 or more for the service.  Just my opinion though.
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