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Lived in FL, Married Ohio! Where?

I live in Florida, I am originally from Cleveland Ohio. I need help finding a reception venue that is not over 70-80 a head, but still beautiful. Also, we are planning to get married during "off season" November. ANY SUGGESTIONS!!!?? Thank you everyone!! I really appreciate it! 

Re: Lived in FL, Married Ohio! Where?

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    How many guests? Our reception was at the Belarusan American Community Center in Strongsville. We had 175, but I think it can hold up to 300-ish? Anyway, they only do one event at a time, so no random party crasher potential. The dance floor is HUGE and gorgeous wood w/ chandeliers above. We loved it. Great food, too, especially the Lemon Chicken. Priced around $32/head and you BYOB (they can even accommodate kegs, if you like) which saves $$$. They also offer an off season discount, but I don't know offhand if November is considered off season. We got the discounted rate for our April wedding.
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