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OMG...can I just say how expensive flowers are? I have already tried three florists and so far the quotes are really expensive. I'm trying to come in on or under budget on something so I was hoping it would be flowers. Doesn't seem that way. Does anyone know of a good more-bang-for-your-buck florist in Lexington?
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Re: Florists

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    Flowers are not cheap!  I ordered flowers for my centerpieces (freesias and rose petals) online, they were simple.  I had bouquets and boutonniere done by a local florist in Georgetown.  Not sure what your budget is but the key is to look around and to be willing to downsize or go with another type of flower.  I wanted all roses for bouquets but instead we went with just mine with all roses then the bridesmaids (there were 9) had small Gerber daisy arrangements.  I thought it can out really well.  I know a couple people that do flowers on the side. 

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    Wha'ts probably driving up your cost is the type of flower you want.  Go to a florist, tell them what you like and then tell them your budget.  Say that you want the same look for less and see what they can come up with.  Most likely, there will be a cheaper alternative that will still provide you with the same look. 

    We're doing baby's breath for the 5 BM bouquets, centerpieces and aisle decorations.  I'm ordering it through a florist because what I've planted isn't growing.  I'm arranging myself, but it's only costing me $24 for it all.  For the bouts and corsages, I'm just doing green button mums, no greenery.  Also arranging myself and it'll cost around $10 for enough for 3 corsages and 10 bouts. 

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    Have you concidered some silk arangements? 
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    Silk is NOT cheaper (common misconception). It can actually be much more expensive if you're using quality stuff. I'd only recommend silk if you have an allergy or want to preserve your flowers for some reason.

    inkygirl gives good advice. Almost any florist should work with you if you're upfront in your budget. And try to remain attached to colors, not specific flowers. Your florist can work with what is in season to help you save money.
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    Tell them what your budget is, and ask what they can do with that.  We worked with a florist out of Lawrenceburg and they were really reasonable.  Details in my married bio.
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    I had a friend that went to the Farmer's Market and talked to some of the vendors down there.  She was able to go to one of their "farms" 2 days before the wedding and picked up tons of flowers for $250.  Every table had 2 or 3 vases of flowers on them.  Only downside was that she had to arrange them, but they were beautiful!
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    I am feeling for you!! I have been working on trying to meet with florists, and since my wedding is May 7, 2011 (which is mother's day weekend AND Derby) the prices of flowers went up 20%!! I am wanting a spring wedding with flowers everywhere, but it is looking a bit grim for me if I want to stay within budget. Wishing you luck in your planning. :)
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    I finally found a reasonable florist! Thank you all for your suggestions!
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_kentucky_florists?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:86Discussion:da59b11e-b7fe-440d-8908-d63e56300ac7Post:a7c9ff77-4f50-4516-abad-8cfb928c3c04">Re: Florists</a>:
    [QUOTE]I finally found a reasonable florist! Thank you all for your suggestions!
    Posted by Artemis9999[/QUOTE]

    who did you find?  I'm still looking but I have quotes rolling in.
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