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AMBER!!! or other FW Brides :)

I'm planning on driving around downtown fort worth after the wedding in the vintage limo. Colton will be with us to take a little bit of photos. I don't really know where to tell the driver to go.

Any ideas that are driving distance or in down town. Thanks!
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Re: AMBER!!! or other FW Brides :)

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    We are going to the stockyards for pics with Colton! :)
    Disclaimer: Please excuse the above comment. I'm probably freaking out because there is less than one month to go. Thank you.
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    The Stockyards are great!
    Also, there are some really neat places in downtown: 
    -Sundance Square has a big mural with longhorns (faces a parking lot between Houston & Main; 3rd & 4th Streets) - as well as several cool neon signs. 
    -On the other side of the mural (3rd Street) is the 92.5 The Ranch radio station studio, and they have a good neon sign. 
    -Outside the Bass Hall (Commerce and 4th Street).
    -The Fort Worth "Panther" sculpture & fountain (if you didn't know, "Panther City" is an old nickname for Fort Worth) is right behind the Fort Worth Flatiron building (another cool building) - it's at Houston & West 9th (I think the panther fountain faces Throckmorton)
    -Depending on the time, Tobacco Lane on the Square is a really neat shop (usually open til 9 on weekends) - with a beautiful walk-in humidor and wine shop in the back - it's at Main & 5th (across the street from Mi Cocina)
    Just some different ideas :)
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    We are doing the Water and Rose Gardens. I like the stockyard idea!
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    Ok with the stockyards I have an idea. Off Exchange Ave as if you were walking down it going towards Stockyards Station, if you go back behind the building on the right hand side (there is a pathway close to the station), you may have to go down some stairs but it's like a little park behind there. You can also get to it from Main St. as well. I had some of my engagement picstures taken there.
    It has a little pond and lots of greenery too.
     stair case where the park is
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    We LOVE the Stockyards!  It's where FI and I met while I was bartending down there.  There are sooo many photo ops there.  The train tracks, the hidden park Meghan mentioned, walking down the brick road, Billy Bob's, the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, Stockyards Station...sorry, I'm rambling.  Did I mention I love the Stockyards?!
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