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Bridal shoes random question

Hello ladies. You've all been so helpful before, I had a very silly question that I thought I'd ask. I'd like to know what you did/plan to do.

I know some do a first look, but I'm going out on a limb to assume that aside from that moment, you keep your dress a secret from your hubby to be.

My question is, what about your shoes? Did you keep those a secret or show him before hand? Maybe ask for an opinion on his shoe preference? I'm in the early shoe shopping stages and this crossed my mind.

Thanks in advance ladies!!
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Re: Bridal shoes random question

  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    I'm pretty sure he saw my shoes before the wedding because I wore them a few times around the house to break them in and see if they rubbed my foot wrong.
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  • katzluv88katzluv88 member
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    i just bought my dress and the ladies there told me i need my shoes for when my dress arrives for 1st fitting. so i've been out looking for shoes. although my fi is 5'11 and im 5'5 i want to get high heels and i want to make sure that im still shorter than him or at least at eye level for the big day. i dont see it being a problem showing him your shoes. besides you want to wear them around a few times to make sure they are the right ones
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    I think I showed him. But I didn't show him the price!

    I also showed him a picture of my dress, though. Embarassed
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    Haha yeah, he won't know the price of them for sure!!! :D
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    He saw my shoes he was there when I bought them Laughing
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    He saw my shoes...i was super excited about them and i walked around in them quite often lol
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    Conclusion, he saw them, likes them, and we're gonna go together to get them :D
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  • raykie2003raykie2003 member
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    I am leaving everything secret! :) My shoes are orange and I added vintage pearl buckles to them and when we do our first dance, I will reveal them to him. The seriously POP against my ivory dress. Laughing
  • Vans18Vans18 member
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    I kept everything secret, so no...he did not see my shoes; although, I don't think shoes is a biggie! Especially if you want to break them in and you live with him.  Do what makes you feel comfortable.
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