Super Excited and then I woke up Concerned! DIY ideas

I have been looking for months for a printed paper in a sea/beach theme that would come in our colors, Hot Pink and Tangerine.  Its not easy as it may seem because most beach sea themes are in blues and greens.  Anyway I found one this weekend and it came last night. FH and I love it. He likes the lighter print and I like the darker but overall we love both and will use both sides.  Here is my concern, that I woke with at 2am.  We were just going to do an organza overlay on the 16 foot long table with a lot of candles, see pic of one, then scatter shells in between. FH thinks we should add some starfish because they will match the print as well as the colors.  The prints will be on the menus, invites, programs, and maybe seat tags. I am worried that putting dead starfish will not be accpeted at the resturant or may offend some.  I know it might be silly but I don't want to get them if its offensive to the local culture. I haven't researched but I may try to incorporate them into the seating tags? Any thoughts?

Re: Super Excited and then I woke up Concerned! DIY ideas

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