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I'm Engaged! ...Now What?


My boyfriend of four years proposed on December 21st at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and we're both so excited! Laughing

Having been planning my someday wedding since I was young, I know all the parts and pieces that go into planning a wedding, but now the time has finally come and I feel like a deer in headlights.  Where do I go from here?!

So far, I've narrowed down a color scheme, a wedding dress, invite design, save the date design, and we're touring our strong contender for the venue tomorrow. 

...but then what?  Not having thrown many parties in my time, I'm not sure how to put this all together so my guests have a good time and aren't left staring at each other awkwardly in a "so, what are we supposed to be doing?" way. 

Our budget is low at a "soft" $8,000.  No matter what, we do not want to exceed $10,000. I would like to put on a nice, small wedding without putting ourselves into too much debt. 

With that being said, and clearly having no direction, should I hire a wedding coordinator?  Are they unnecessary, or have they saved you from pulling your hair out?  If you have used a wedding planner (or ARE using a wedding planner), who did you choose? 

Thanks for your help, ladies!

Re: I'm Engaged! ...Now What?

  • I would suggest picking a date, a venue, a photographer, a caterer, and any other big items. Venues generally fill up one year in advance, so start looking so that you can get the date you want. All of the little stuff you can work on along the way.

    Congrats on your engagement! And happy wedding planning!!

    I'm using a wedding coordinator on the wedding day because it was included with my photographer/dj package...otherwise, I wouldn't have had one. I have just started wedding planning, but everything has been my doing with FI's opinion. If you have the money for a wedding planner, then I say go for it!
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  • You've got a budget set, which is a good starting point. Have you set a date yet? I would do that and select the venue next (which venue are you looking at?). Then figure out all of your vendors: Caterer, Photographer, Officiant, DJ/Band, Invites, Cake, Hair/Makeup, etc.. 

    You can work around not having a planner if its not in your budget, but I would definitely recommend having a day of coordinator. This can make a HUGE difference in how your day flows and how stressed out (or how not stressed out) you will be on your wedding day. 

    I am in Atlanta, feel free to message or email me ([email protected] is my personal email) if you would like some vendor recommendations for some solid companies :) Happy Planning!!! 
  • Congratulation on your engagement!!!

    I would recommend using a planner to give you direction. I'm currently using one. I can recommend Elegance Reserved, Inc. they are vey very help and stay in constant communication with you. Visit their site, www.elegancereserved.net. You can also call them at 888-532-7303. Like vgarlin said, pick a date and go from there.

    Hopes that helps! Congrats again!  :)
  • Congrats. I married two months ago. If you want to chat, message me. We stuck to a similar budget. Let me know where you are looking, number of people, and i'll let you know what I know to help maybe save you some time searching like we did. Happy New Year's!
  • A Wedding Planner can help you figure out everything and help you get the best deals and not have to pay all the "Fluff" fees.  We used 3 Goats Tall (i know, funny name but they were awesome and affordable!) and she saved me enormous amounts of time and money!
  • I don't think that you really need a wedding planner. You don't want to eat up your budget with things you don't need! I was also a deer in headlights after the engagement. Start with the things that mean the most to you-the date, the location, alcohol or none? You will definitly be able to find things in your budget from this site! Think about what your absolute dream wedding will be, and make adjustments. Most venues will have a coordinater included in the price, and they will be available for the rehersal, ceremony, and reception. They will help move things along and make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be at the right time. Once you get started, it will be a lot of fun! 
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