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I'm newly engaged and checking out venues for next summer, I love Chandler house B&B from the pictures. However since everything needs to be brought in tables/chairs/linens, catering, etc. I am worried how to keep it in budget? I saw a few brides on here who are getting married there. Any suggestions? Also if you have any leftover wedding items you want to sell let me know. Thank you!

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  • i am one of those brides getting married there! im getting married there october 12, 2013. i absolutely fell in love with it as soon as i saw it. as for me- i don't really have a budget but i am trying to be budget friendly anyways.  what is your budget? if you dont mind me asking.  the venue itself is pretty reasonable. since it is all DIY it can get pricey but if you shop around you can find deals on different things you need.  let me know if you have more questions!
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  • also, what kind of theme are you going for? mine is going to be very rustic/vintage.  my table decor is very inexpensive as because i am only using babys breath and mason jars for all of my tables. you can make it so it is very budget friendly!
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  • We haven't set an exact budget but I definitly want to keep it under 10,000. The lower the better. I just cant see spending alot of money on a wedding. I don't have to worry about flowers or centerpieces, my mom is taking care of those as she used to work as a florist... but I am concerned about having to deal with rentals for all the tables and chairs and linens, etc. I don't want to be stressed out on the wedding day about getting everything set up. We are thinking of a more rustic theme, we just want it to be a fun time for people. Did you figure out how you are going to do your bartender?

  • i totally understand where you are coming from! my parents are paying for my wedding but i am still trying to be as budget friendly as possible! as for rental companies you will just have to do your research- i found a company i really liked at one of the portland wedding shows i went to this year.  it also depends on how many people you are planning on having. the barn only fits a max of 120 people.  i am planning on having right around 100. so it will help once you figure out your guest list how much tables, chairs, plates, etch are going to be.  i am also doing a more rustic laid back theme- i want it to be casual and fun.  as for the bar tender- i am not sure yet-  i have two catering places in mind. one is a friend of my MIL and FIL and im not sure if he will be able to provide one for me. as for the other caterer which is famous daves- they provide a bar tender for you which is a bonus! i am doing BBQ type food for my reception . there are pros to famous daves but im just not sure i want such "commercial" food. let me know if you hve any other questions!
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  • also, the people that own the b&b will let you come and set up the day before the wedding- i know they give an alloted time for it but they are very nice and willing to work with you! this will help with the stressfulness of getting it done on the wedding day. i am a perfectionist and will be doing most if not all of my decorating the day before with the help of family and friends
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  • I really loved it when I went to look at it. The grounds and the barn were all so pretty. I also asked about how the bartending works and they said they have the number of someone who does it for alot of thier brides. I think it is where I am going to go with eventhough getting all the tables, chairs, linens is more work. It's just much prettier then other affordable venues. 
  • awesome!! i still have to go up and sign my contract for them- i havent done it yet because i reserved it last november and my wedding isnt until october of 2013. so i'm sure they will give me all the details when i go :) i'm so happy you chose it as well! its a beautiful place for a wedding!
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  • Bah I hate my internet. Third time is a charm- I do not go on this enough so I did not see this but I am getting married there as well. My wedding is in 16 days. They have been nothing but nice. We got event insureance so then we coul use the bartender we wanted. We are doing a pig roast and are managing to do everything for under 6000.that includes renting out then entire guest house for two nights. We also have a lot of set up time Wednesday, thursday, and friday 12-4 each day. Then we are able to have rehersal there as well since it is included in the package. Did you see the link with all of the pictures from the wedding last September?
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  • I looked at this online and can't wait to see it would love to have my wedding there.
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  • I saw their website online and am very interested ... what is the pricing like for this venue? I e-mailed but am too excited to wait!
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