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Great invitations, Great price, Great person

In looking for invitations, I personally had something very specific in mind and really did not want to not spend a lot on paper that I felt most people would dispose of once the wedding was over. After visiting several stationary places in person and ordering save the dates online, I found a woman who works out of her home in central NJ who offers a great product and will work with the budget YOU want to spend. If anyone is looking for beautiful invitations and not break the bank I would very highly recommend this woman. The comany's name is Elegantly Stated, the website is Irene is the owner and was extremely pleasant to work with and created a gorgeous custom invitation on nice paper and did not once push me to spend a penny more than what I wanted to spend. In fact, I think the final amount may even come under my original budget. Hope this recommendation is helpful for all brides looking for their invites.  

Re: Great invitations, Great price, Great person

  • I used Irene as well! I would also highly recommend her- she is the best!
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  • I've been looking at a ton of invitations online and starting to get overwhelmed. I, also, don't want to spend a lot of money on invitations, for the same reasons as listed above. What kinda of invitations did you both get? I want something very simple and elegant. Thanks!
  • I got letterpress invitations through her, which is expensive everywhere, but it was my choice to spend that much.  She does have invitations in all price ranges and really takes the time to listen to what you are looking for.  I was between a letterpress invitation and a less expensive themography invitation, and she priced both out for me in detail so that I could make an informed decision. She has tons of books of sample invitations to choose from, and she will only show you the ones in your price range. 

    A helpful tip is to bring pictures of invitations that you have found on the internet that you like to give her (or whoever you go to) a good idea of the style you like.  Almost all of the invitations she shows you can be customized to match your colors/ theme etc.  Another thing that was so fantastic about Irene after ordering was her attention to detail.  She checks every comma, capital letter, etc. to make sure it is correct.  I had multiple proofs done before the final product, and she handled it with ease.  Good luck!
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  • I got a simple but elegant invitation. Did not do letterpress because for me it was not that important. I was thinking I wanted one type of invite although after describing certain things from one invitation and something else from another; Irene custom made something which was perfect. Once I get the final proof I will try and post it so you can see it. BTW sorry for the delayed response just got power back Saturday and have been a bit sidetracked. Good luck in your search.
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