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This may double post...

But I can't see the original and I am want to let you all know that my dress has finally arrived in the store!!!!  I can't wait to go see it again although I am nervous that I could have waited and picked an even better option!

I have to see when my sister aka MOH is avail b/c she wants to be there when I go pick it up!!
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Re: This may double post...

  • Pics or it didn't happen. :D Love picking up the dress and know it's finally yours. I felt the same way about mine but still love it, even if it was the second one.

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  • YAY! I hope that you still love it! I bet you will! I can't believe how fast time is flying. We are getting close!
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  • Yay!! That is extremely exciting!! I agree with Hope though, we want pics!!

    On a separate note-TK appears to be eating posts lately. Our HM discussion is now gone as well. I suppose it's not a fan of Jamaica Wink
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  • lol!!  TK better get its act together!!!

    I am so excited that we will be at the same place Katz (although not at the same time, which stinks! lol!)  Everyone I talk to raves about Negril!!!

    Unfortunatly my MOH can't make it (she lives and works in Philadelphia and she won't be able to make the trip as she is already coming in August) BUT my mother and my other sister will be there!!!  We are going tomorrow after work!  I get out at 3pm and can get to the store around 5!

    I am super excited and my nerves have calmed.  I have to remember to bring my veils to work and style my hair appropriately.  I will definitely share pics!!!
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