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Budget/outdoorsy wedding

Does anyone have any ideas on a low budget but classy wedding venue in or around the Pittsburgh area? We are keeping the wedding to a minimum of 100 guests. Also, any ideas on ways to save money elsewhere? I don't think we want to skimp on music and photography though. Any ideas welcome;.

Re: Budget/outdoorsy wedding

  • Flowers are a big expense so I would suggest keeping those to a minimum or doing something other than flowers for a centerpiece. My jaw hit the floor when I got pricing from a few places! Also keep in mind off-season weddings are cheaper- both venues and certain vendors were very negotiable (and available) for our March wedding. Also consider a Friday or Sunday wedding. We also paid in full in cash for our DJ so he knocked 10% off of his off-season rate for us. I have No idea how expensive Shady Elms Farms is but it's a beautiful outdoors location in Hickory, PA. I grew up in the area and our photog recently shot a wedding there, it was very pretty.
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  • My cousin was married in a gazebo by a lake in South Park. It was beautiful! Then, we just walked to the pavilion where she had the reception. I am closer to the west (Robinson area) so we are looking into Moon Park for our wedding. My mother just attended a wedding at The Fez and can't say enough wonderful things about it! You might want to look into them. They have great prices and are nearly all inclusive! Good luck!
  • oh man! my fiance and I are in the same boat as far as budget and wanting an outdoor wedding-- but we're looking at 250 guests and more of a rustic feel!

    The succop conservancy in Butler is my dream it's gorgeous...it's pricey per person around $70 but it's all inclusive with what you get and if you have 100 people it'd be around 7000 for venue (although they might have a minimum requirement of 125 people not sure!)

    if you're looking for like an afternoon wedding Hartwood Acres is GORGEOUS but they have a kick out time of 7pm (which was off the table for use)

    I've heard good things about Stonebridge Farm Nursery in Ambridge it's gardeny and very pretty not sure about price

    Also Old Economy Village in Ambridge is an historic village they rent out for garden weddings it's $800 for four hours (not sure how much for additional time?) it's pretty unique very cute! 

    Chapel Valley Estates is a cute B & B in Ellwood City PA would be an Elegant outdoor wedding-- we looked there it's pretty-- don't know if it'd be in our budget (honestly have no clue the cost) 

    I've also heard good things about the Atrium which is up somewhere near Butler but I have never been nor do I know of their pricing. 

    not sure if you'd consider a barn but the Five Pines Barn is reasonably priced for what you get and looks nice---it's a bit far out for us though it's in North Huntindon PA 

    as far as cutting costs yes flowers is a big one...maybe look into silk flowers i hear they can be less expensive yet still look nice...also consider doing multiple centerpieces so you can do some that are very simple and some that are a bit more fancy but you'll cut costs that way.

    cake is one way you can cut costs-- have you heard of a "stunt" cake where they make the top part of the cake and decorate the rest so it looks like a cake but it's actually just decoration. so you and your husband can cut the top of the cake and then have the top part to freeze for your one year but then when they take the cake in the back they just cut a sheet cake? or you could do cupcakes or cake pops-- cakes are expensive!

    Alcohol of course! my fiance's sister had alcohol at her wedding and they charged them for all the liquor bottles that were opened even if they didn't use it all! so if you're having alcohol maybe consider just beer and wine? 

    Trying to find a venue is much more exhausting than I had first anticipated...we're looking at August 2013 and it's rather discouraging! You'll find the perfect place that works for you and you're wedding will be wonderful because it will be a celebration of your love for one another (i have to keep reminding myself of that!) Good Luck hope you find what you love!! 
  • I was just at the Goodwill in the Southside and they had a rack of about a dozen NWT wedding dresses.  All were size 12, so I don't know if that helps, but I saw an Oleg Cassini for $200 and some others for $75/$100.
  • thanks everyone!  I never thought about Old Economy Village but I need to look into it.  Great idea!!
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