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Desperate Venue Help!

Ok -
So I thought I was 100% on a particular venue but now not so sure.  Does anyone have any insight into the following places?:

Boscobel Gardens - Garrison NY
The Chalet on the Hudson - Cold Spring NY
Plumbush Inn - Cold Spring NY
Le Chambord - Hopewell NY (went to a wedding there years ago and it was terrible, but heard they have since made improvements)


Re: Desperate Venue Help!

  • jamiefourjamiefour member
    edited December 2011
    I went to a wedding at Plumbush Inn last October and it was beautiful.  The food was also very good.
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    I have been to the plum bush for an anniversary. The food was not the greatest just my opinion. $85 a plate you would think the food would be something memorable.  You might have to go check these places out your self  to be sure. When you go ask if you can have a food tasting. Then you could decide what is right for you. Scenery matters but its the food that speak volumes.
  • carolsdaycarolsday member
    edited December 2011
    The only place of those i have been to is The Chalet on Hudson , (3 months ago for wedding)while the view was very nice , the food was NOT ,  i think it's like german /French something like that , but i ate the bread at the table . That was it.

    I felt bad because that is what everyone was talking about  , how they were either going out to eat afterwards or going home to BBQ.

    I would def ask for a tasting ,if you can't ; go there to eat with your fi or girlfriend or someone just to check it out on a regular day as a restaurant.
    I would do that with all the places your considering , it's your wedding day , the food is a BIG deal ! Godd Luck  :)
  • ssagessage member
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    I went to a wedding at the Plumbush Inn but it was 10 years ago.  it was great I remember ... the food was very good.

    I have never been to Le Chambord but yes, they were  bought by someone else and apparently have renovated it and updated the menu, etc.  Someone told me they went there for dinner and loved it.  But, i cannot speak from personal experience.

    Your best bet is to visit these and go for dinner/tastings as well as meet with them and get your own feel for it. 
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    Searching for the right venue can be stressful! I looked at a ton of places! (But not all)

    Boscobel Gardens - Garrison NY - Never went here, but almost recall reading something about not being allowed everywhere on the grounds. This was a year ago, so things might have changed.

    The Chalet on the Hudson - Cold Spring NY - Really liked it. They will work with you to create a menu. Ended up in our top 7. Really affordable. Beautiful room, beautiful view. I didn't like the placement of the dance floor. And it was too far away for our guests, so we would have had to hire a shuttle. So that's why we decided against it.

    Plumbush Inn - Cold Spring NY - Beautiful place, really nice atmosphere. But I believe it was too small for the number of guests we were initially planning.

    Le Chambord - Hopewell Junction NY - We were looking a year and a half ago, so we saw the reviews at that time, so didn't really look into it. But they did just renovated and/or get new owners.

    Good luck! It is such a relief when you find the right place!
  • edited December 2011
    I'm getting married at The Garrison, which is very close by the Plumbush (if you haven't checked it out already I recommend you do. They've been nothing but a pleasure to deal with so far, the place is pretty and not as expensive as I had expected).
    So we were looking for a RD place in the area, and we went to the Plumbush. I didn't like the look of it. It was a really hot day and not all the air conditioners were on (which I guess makes sense since not all the rooms were occupied and they are using window units. But the manager (or owner) had a sweaty shirt on, and the floor was dirty. It just gave me that feeling of the place not being kept up too well. He wouldn't answer any specific questions, had no menus to show us. Just kept saying "we'll do what you need, we'll do what you ask for" . When my FMIL called later he wasn't very nice at all, so we passed on that place. And I am glad, because to me it looks like a place that was once great, but it's not being taken care of the right way right now.
  • Woodsy62Woodsy62 member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks for the help!  I called to ask if I could come in with my Fiance and look around and the woman was very rude on the phone!  Acted like I was bothering her! 
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