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Boston to Bermuda wedding?! NCL

anyone getting married on this cruise? We are newly engaged and just trying to figure out if this is a good idea, we think it sounds great but just trying to get some feed back from some brides who have done this or who are planning to do this!

Thanks so much

Re: Boston to Bermuda wedding?! NCL

  • RIFallBrideRIFallBride member
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    We recently came back from a cruise wedding.  I am going to be honest,  it was awful. It was partially due to weather and the cruise line, Carnival. We went out of FL to the Bahamas during hurricane season.

    My advice after being a guest would to just pick a destination and do a true destination wedding.  We only had one day in port due to weather and that was the wedding day, they were blessed with a beautiful beach wedding but we spent the whole day being transported to the wedding and then back to the cruise ship for the reception which started at 2PM. 

    The cruise line charged them a fortune for something that was just ok, they were both stressed and dealing with a lot.  For example, they used the cruise line photographers who then tried to charge them A LOT for just ok pictures with no rights to the digital images.

    That is just my opinion, I am sure there are some cruise lines that do it well but our experience was very negative.  They left for their honeymoon when we returned, why couldn't we have just met them there?  It allows your guests to decide how many days they want to spend and I doubt it would have cost more than we spent.  GL!
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    When are you getting married? It's a great idea as long as it's not during hurricane season as PP said!
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  • ettat813ettat813 member
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    We are thinking June 2013.  We were also thinking of just doing the ceremony on the beach and having the ceremony back on the ship. The boston to bermuda cruise ports for 3 days in Bermuda which should give our guests time to explore on their own.
  • RIFallBrideRIFallBride member
    100 Comments Second Anniversary
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    That is a much more flexible cruise than we had, I do believe ours was just unfortunate circumstances.  Beach weddings are beatiful!  I would just make sure you research it, after our experience I would have preferred to just fly and enjoy the island vs the cruise shipi.  cruisecritic.com is an excellent resources for feedback on ships and trips.  Some of the older ships are not very nice.  GL!
  • love2naplove2nap member
    edited December 2011

    You might want to post this on the honeymoon board too, potenitally, if you haven't already. You might find brides or attendees that have done the NYC or Baltimore Cruise to Bermuda! A few family and friends went on this cruise and had a great time, even though it wasn't for a wedding.

    I would recommend pricing it out, however. I would think flying to Bermuda and having a destination wedding would be a lot easier and a lot more cost effective.

  • We are taking NCL out of Boston and getting Married in Bermuda I have Cruised 3x's on the NCL Boston to Bermuda and I love it, believe it's cheaper to get married on the island vs ship, we hired The Bridal Suite they will custome your package to your needs and do the work for you, Good Luck any ?'s you can contact me!

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