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Hello! Welcome to Frisky Friday Kiss  Our first topic:
Have you ever had sex outside? Or if not outside, in a not so "normal" place? Maybe work, a public bathroom or ????

Re: Frisky Friday

  • I have had sex outside, it was about 8 years ago when we first started dating and we were both still living with our parents. It started as a make out session (the make out post made me think of this) that didn't end there. We got caught by a cop, who asked me if I was there willingly, I wanted to hide. Sadly, we haven't been so adventerous since then.

  • I'll start this off raunchy by saying I picked "what's a bedroom?"  Most of the time we are in a bedroom but we also have done it in an unconventional place more than once or twice.  Some of our more intertesting conquests have been the pool (this is fabulous and I highly recommend.  You are weightless so you have more flexibility in your movement).  FI's truck on a backroad...not so interesting until a cop pulled up and asked us to take it elsewhere...this was 3 months ago so it felt like high school.  Pulling onto a backroad while riding on FI's motorcycle and just going for it really out in the open.  And my personal fav, on a, not in the bathroom...but in the middle of an empty flight under a blanket.  We were flying back from a week in Vegas and not ready to end vacation yet.  It was more awkward then anything because we couldn't get caught but fun for the thrills!  With all our moves we haven't had our own place in a while so we are restricted to the bedroom.  But, when we last had our own place it happened more on our couch and floor of our living room where we'd watch tv than our bed. 
  • I wrote once or twice. We had done it in an outdoor shower once and then in his truck in a parking lot a couple of times. We also did it at the end of a walk through the woods on some rocks over looking the ocean ... nice concept but very uncomfortable! Nothing else too crazy here.
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  • FI had never before we got together lol that being said, I answered "What's a bedroom" because apparently I'm now bringing that out in him lol

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    [QUOTE]FI had never before we got together lol that being said, I answered "What's a bedroom" because apparently I'm now bringing that out in him lol
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    Haha that's awesome, girl!  FI had only done what I consider "standard" stuff before and I'll ocnfess he's the only one I've ever been with so we bring it out in each other haha.  You should never bottle that up for so long...people get too frisky lol.
  • I said once or twice, because I have done it all kinds of places, at work, outside, in a closet, etc.  LOL!  But my FI and I have never done any of that.  We're pretty standard bedroom folk now, but that's mostly because of my daughter.  Can't have her catching us in a compromising position.  LOL! Wink
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  • I said a few times as well,  FI haven't been as adventurous as I was in my past :p

    We have doen it the pool, lake, on the boat, out in the woods but even that was back in the beginning of our relationship-I think we need to try and re-live that a little. Mostly its the bedroom when it does happen these days.
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  • I put once or twice.  Never with FI, but in the past I've done it on a boat in the middle of the bay, twice in a car.  I was more adventurous then.
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  • I said once or twice but it's been a lot more than that lol
    A bedroom was not the norm for many years but it is now :P
    I have few strange but fun places stored in my memory bank ;)
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  • I love bringing up ideas and watching his reaction. One time I said something and he tripped mid walk and just about fell hahaha
  • I'd say the friskiest place we've done it was in a college dorm room on an inflatable mattress. (mind you, we weren't in college!) This was about two years ago when we went to a Lindy Hop exchange at a university in Indiana. Two people were sleeping in bunk beds in the next room (there were no doors) and we were sleeping on the inflatable. Boy was that fun!! 
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    [QUOTE]I love bringing up ideas and watching his reaction. One time I said something and he tripped mid walk and just about fell hahaha
    Posted by BMcLeodTeam[/QUOTE]

    That's hilarious!  I've gotten some shocked facial expressions but never gotten him to trip.  Going to work on that.
  • Romamor4's post just reminded me, FI and I had sex on an air mattress last summer when we went camping with my daugher, his niece and one of our friends in a separate tent right next to us. LOL!  I guess we are a little bit adventurous. 

    Britt - That's too funny!  I haven't gotten mine to trip either.  I make all kinds of suggestions and he normally just gives me "oh really?" look.  But we kid around all the time about that kind of stuff, so I'm not sure anything I say will shock him enough to trip him. 

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  • we have in a bunch of places that weren't a bedroom just because we lived with our parents until last year and to them it was still sort of weird for us to be upstairs in each other's rooms. so we did in their basement, my dads basement, etc. when we bought our house and were fixing it up and still didn't have any furniture, we did it in every room, haha. we also have done it in a car, but never truly outside or anything.
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  • let me see...i have done the whole sex thing with other exs many places, but with my FI the oddest place was a wal-mart parking lot at two in the morning. FI is really conservative but sometimes I can get that side out.
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  • I am such a scaredy cat!  I'm so worried about getting caught that we've truly had sex outside/in public.  The closest we got was having sex stand up on the balcony of our apartment (it's solid concrete).  FI was behind me and we could see all the people walking by, since it is only on the 3rd floor.

    I would be open to slightly more adverterous places as long as we couldn't get caught...say on a camping trip in the text.  We have made the effort to have sex every room of each apartment we've lived in :)
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  • We also have mellowed out a lot recently, mostly because we now work opposite shifts so we don't even see eachother. But we have (when the kids are gone) done it around the house. While at FMIL's, the guestroom is in the basement and the bed was a little loud so we moved to the floor since FBIL was sleeping on the couch right outside the room. (He made a comment the next morning, not sure if he heard us or was just making a typical pervy comment like normal :)

    We also have had a little fun on our yearly camping trips. once in the conversion van with the back seat that folds down to a bed. and also last years on an air mattress in our tent with the kids tent next to us and FI's friend next to that. Apparently, on that one FI's friend had fun too. Cuz the guys were talking about it the net morning. lol. Sometimes I wish the kids weren't here so we could be ourselves. but with them around theres not much adult time.
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  • Haha!  This is a great post!  I said "what's a bedroom."  Granted, we're usually in the bedroom, but it's hard to name all the places we've gotten busy.  Off the top of my head... our deck, random parking lots, fields, just about every rest area between MN and MI (It's probably the only reason he agrees to go on road trips), swimming pools, a changing room in a department store, and an enclosed ski lift.  I'm sure there are others, but that's what I can think of at the moment.

    In 2010, FI and I made a goal to have sex 365 times.  We did it, but when you do it that much, you have to start getting creative.  He's itching for a new goal, so I think next year we'll try to make a goal of doing it in a new place at least once a week.  :)

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  • We started dating in high school, so it's safe to say that for the first year or two of our relationship we did it in a car more than in a bedroom, haha. Our most popular place to park was the parking lot of Mount Vernon (yes, the home of George Washington) because it was really close to my FI's house and it was closed and empty at night. The most risky was on the bank of the Potomac River in the middle of the afternoon. A couple on a walk came by literally minutes after we were done. I don't know if I would do that now, I was young and didn't really think that much about getting caught haha. Also, funny story, one time we parked at this place along the river and our car ran out of batteries at 11pm!! We were still in high school then and I cannot imagine what we would have told our parents we were doing at this secluded lookout. There was another car parked there that was leaving, and FI went and knocked on their window. They unfortunately didn't have jumper cables so they went on their way and we were like "What are we going to do?!" BUT about ten min later that couple came back with jumper cables! The woman was like, "I was worried about you so I wanted to help!" They were definitely our saviors.
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  • On our first date, we were sitting in FI's parked car at one of our local parks. We were just talking and then a police officer knocked on the window. He thought our windows looked a little steamy and wanted to check on what was going on! FI was so embarrassed. I thought it was funny.... :)
  • We usually do it outside during camping trips. We sleep in my FI's Suburban because it can fit a queen sized air mattress. Two years ago when we went to West Virginia we did it in the middle of the night on the tailgate. There were lots of other campers around us but the way we were parked made it so no one really knew we were even there. It was a very hot dry summer that year so we tried to do it IN the Potomac River, which was 85 degrees and barely flowing, but it was too hard with all the slippery rocks under our feet.
  • I marked once or twice. It's mostly a comfort thing for me. We've done it many times while camping in a tent, twice in cars (once in his old car and once in my old car), and once in the woods of a state park. =P So fairly frisky but not too crazy.
  • when we bought our house and were fixing it up and still didn't have any furniture, we did it in every room

    This made me laugh, as when we bought our house we too "christened" every room..... before we moved anything in!!
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