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New Jersey

Local goodies?

I am doing welcome bags for our guests that stay at the hotel and every post i read says you should include local goodies.  i think that is a really cute idea and would like to include some local goodies, but i'm stumped!!!  All the jersey goodies I've found are from the jersey shore.  and we are a northern new jersey couple and while i wouldn't mind including some salt water taffy or something i don't want it to be all jersey shore food.  any ideas would be greatly appreciated???
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Re: Local goodies?

  • Hey! We are ordering Jersey Devil Chocolate.  Check it out:
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  • i have to try this jersey devil chocolate!!! sounds so delicious--love hte sweet and spicy combo!
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  • Oh it is sooo good!  The only place I have ever seen it is as Pascarella Deli in Chatham.  Not sure if you are anywhere close.  But I promise you will NOT be disappointed! I'd love to see if anyone has anything to suggest.  I have been kind of stuck on this too.  What else is Jersey?  Everything I am thinking of is like diner food.  What about pignoli cookies or any cookie from an italian bakery?  That can get expensive I guess....
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  • I know its so hard!!!  All the food I think of I can't really put in a welcome bag.  I've started googling but I haven't really dug deeper into the research.  If I find anything I will let you know. 

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  • Maybe some kind of cookies or pastries from the bakery that is on that show Cake Boss???
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  • That's a good idea!  If i think of anything I will let you know too!
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  • I read here once that someone had bought a NJ shaped cookie cutter and made cookies (I think they were her favor).  You could do that and then mark the spot on the cookie where you're getting married?
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  • what a good idea!!!!
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  • Oh please!! I need help with this also! If anyone has any suggestions I would love to know this too.
  • ok...looks like we have a misson ladies!  find new jersey related food goodies for welcome bags!! hehe
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  • Maybe mini bottles of a local NJ wine? The winery isn't from North NJ specifically, but the Tomasello WInery has delicious and very affordable wines.
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    140 invited -- 118 are ready to party! -- 27 can't make it

  • Salt water taffy...
  • Doing a NJ wine is a great idea.  We were planning on including wine anyway.  Abunger, thanks for the suggestion.  We had mentioned it earlier in the post as well.

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  • I know people might not think of NJ this way - but we are the garden state.
    There just aren't any TV shows about it.

    Sweet Jersey corn, tomatoes, cranberries.
    Are farms too far south for you though? I don't know a farm in North Jersey. I love this one outside of Princeton, Terhune Orchards. They make all sorts of pies & cookies & such. And have lots of canned things that are local - jams and honey and spices. 
    Do you have any farmers markets near you?

    Maybe this one is too far south for you, but maybe it'll make you think outside the obvious.
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