SEI Catering out of Lititz

Has anyone worked with them? I'm thinking of going with them and was wondering if anyone had any feed back on them.

Re: SEI Catering out of Lititz

  • While I've never used them, I did research them and they seemed reputable, very affordable, and nice. I have seen vendor reviews on this board from other brides who have used them and I have never heard anything negative about them. Hope that helps, and congrats on your wedding!
  • I know this is kind of an older post, but I just have to say that SEI is seriously AMAZING.  Both my sister and I used them as the caterer for our weddings.  The food is wonderful and the prices are extremely affordable.  For my April wedding we used their picnic menu and ended up paying about $12/person for dinner.  How can you beat that??
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