Appetizer and dessert reception

Hi there! I'm in the very early stages of wedding planning, but my fiance and I have both agreed that we want to have a really laid back reception with just appetizers and desserts, no sit down dinner. Is anyone planning on this, or already done it, and if so, what area your menus looking like? Trying to come up with some sort of cohesive idea so it doesn't seem like just a random modge-podge of stuff, you know? Our wedding is going to be in October, so I was thinking about trying to run with more of a fall/autumn theme, but I can't come up with much more than pumpkin pie and apple cider doughnuts :) 


Re: Appetizer and dessert reception

  • Here is a pic of what my daughter had for her dessert table in October at the Benson Hotel.  She did have a cocktail hour with appetizers (teriyaki chicken skewers, crackers and cheese, figs, stuffed mushroom caps) and a full meal as well (prime rib, 2 salads, roasted potatoes, corn chowder, breads, green beans._

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