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Enviromentally friendly sunscreen?

I read on here a couple of months ago about someone asking about this because when you snorkel, regular sunscreen can damage the coral reefs. I was wondering what its actually called and where you would buy it? I figure we should be sae to buy a bottle before we go to Mexico. We definitely plan to snorkel!

Re: Enviromentally friendly sunscreen?

  • It's biodegradable sunscreen. You can find it at Walmart,CVS,amazon and other drug stores.
  • We had problems finding it before we left home and it was really expensive here. They didn't sell it at almost all of our local stores including Walgreens and Walmart. We ended up buying it at a store down in Mexico. It was much more expensive at the actual excursions though. 


  • We bought two types at CVS. We found natural "baby" sunscreen (SPF 50) and another natural sunscreen that didn't include the harmful ingredients we were told to look out for (PABA being one of them). 
  • i can only find it at one chain of stores-harmon drug. we use australian gold. we started using it in mexico about 10 years ago and have switched over to using it all the time. it's not really all that expensive down there.


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