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Wozniak's - anyone have experience with them

I've met with a few photographers and Wozniak seems to good to be true...  Prices are on par with some of the other studios but include twice the items and services.  The albums they had on display at their studio seem great .

Just wondering if anyone on here has personal experience with them and what those experiences were (good or bad). 

Re: Wozniak's - anyone have experience with them

  • I was curious, so I just checked his website. He only books six weddings a day? Sounds like a wedding mill to me. No wonder he can afford to include more stuff in his packages. Did you read any reviews? Not so good. I have to agree, sounds too good to be true.
  • They are a large "full time" studio that has 9 or 10 photographers so they do have multiple wedding bookings per day.  I did love the albums they had on display.  I am just curious about people with actual experience with his studio.   Most of the reviews seem positive but with anonymous reviews there is no way to really know...
  • We are going wih wozniak... they came highly recommended from a friend who knows them personally. Dave was great and when we orginially met him at the pearl street bridal show i knew right away I wanted to go with them. I was a little put off at first because their reviews were only good not great but after talking to my friend i felt much better. And their prices are PERFECT!
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    I know it's a family business too.  His daughters also work at the studio, so photography runs in their blood.  With online reviews in general, always take them with a grain of salt.  If they get 4 bad reviews a year and do over 200 eddings a year, that's good stats compared if he did 20 a year.  Best thing to do is bring it up at an appointment.  If a vendor gets rude and defensive, stay away, but if they stay calm, explain, or whatever, I'd feel better about it.  Some people won't be happy no matter what the circumstances or vendor (ie My husband and I loved our dj, but my drunk sister in law insisted on yelling at him and telling him he sucked and would never refer him.  We had the exact same experience.)
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  • My best friend used them and was happy w/ the quality of her pictures, but said they did not take many of the shots she had requested they take during the reception at their prior meetings.
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