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Easiest Way to do a seating chart...the knot doesn't work for me

I'm having long banquet tables for seating and the knot tool won't let me configure the right size.

What's the easiest way to get this done? Post boards & stickies?

Advice from the trenches much appreciated.

Re: Easiest Way to do a seating chart...the knot doesn't work for me

  • How many tables are you having? If you're having several, you may just want to assign tables and let people pick exactly where they sit. (This would also work with three or less tables).

    You could also just assign seats with Post-Its, as you said.  

  • I did mine in powerpoint.  Pretty much the same as post it notes, but all digital and easier to edit in my mind!  But paper works too if that is easier for you!  Good luck! 
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    We just did a posterboard that was printed off at OfficeMax

    edit: Opps, I used Publisher.
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  • We are having about 5. I thought about just assigning tables, but I figured with the long tables it might be harder.

    Now powerpoint...that's something I never thought of. I'm playing with the wedding wire seating tool but my guest list imported all fubar and it's kind of a pain.

    I'm going to try  PP.
  • We used the RSVP cards and physically placed them on the table to figure out our seating chart.  We assigned tables but not seats. 
  • I just used an Excel spreadsheet.
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  • I'm planning on using the RSVP cards to do it physically.
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  • We are using an Excel spreadsheet...on the same document as our invite list.  As RSVPs come in, we assign them to groups based on who we want them to sit with -- i.e. neighbors, work friends, HS friends, college friends.  Then we will take those groups and break them down into individual tables.  The hall will customize a seating chart for us based on our number of guests so that we maximize the hall space so then we will figure out their exact table number and location based on this chart.

    But then again...we are only assigning tables and not specific seats.

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  • I used paper plates and sticky notes.  You could just use rectangles for your square tables.  I also think that Martha Stewart has a tool that would allow you to do rectangles as well.
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  • FI and I just did this last night

    I tried The Knot, I tried Excel, it just didn't work right.

    Last night we sat down with the escort cards (which I wrote up except for table numbers), and just placed them around the floor into groups of 10.  It was pretty easy, took about 30-45 min for 15 tables.
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    The knot's is horrible.  Wedding wire has an awesome one!!!
  • I just did ours on excel.  We only assigned tables though, not specific seats.  I just started doing lists of tables, and putting people with who I thought they would be best off with.  Once we got all our tables together, we numbered them.  Our reception site gave us a floor plan with the tables numnbers on them already, and so all we had to do was assign each group of people a table number.  it was way easier than I thought. 

    I would focus on putting groups of people together first, then assigned seating if you still want to do that. 
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