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Nags Head Bride-To-Be NEEDS HELP!! :)

Hello all,
I am planning a Nags Head wedding from Charlotte for 4/2014 and I need major help. Since I am on a budget I am trying my best to cut out a wedding planner.

I have found a ceremony/reception venue but now I need suggestions for an affordable caterer with GOOD FOOD, a dj, a place to have rehearsal dinner, etc. Any former brides have done insider tips for me?? I would greatly appreciate it. Also, any brides-to-be in that area--maybe we can help each other along the way...

Happy planning everyone!! Xx

Re: Nags Head Bride-To-Be NEEDS HELP!! :)

  • I planned my wedding from Charlotte as well!  I am now in the DC area, but make frequent trips home to see my mom and dad.  We were married in Hatteras, but I am sure some of the Nags Head Brides will chime in soon.  For DJ i recommend looking up John Harper.  He was one of my favorite vendors.  What type of food are you interested in?
  • Hi and welcome. We met with Coastal Provisions and Red Sky and found both of their food to be delicious, in terms of pricing, I thought it was reasonable. I think most people looking to save on caterering costs have gone the bbq route. We ended up having our rehearsal dinner at the house we were staying at for the week.
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  • I used the Black Pelican for my catering.  They had a wide variety of food and can work with any budget.  I provided my own alcohold and just used their liquor license.   used Bruce Jones as my DJ-he was great! A lot of the Photographers were pricey so I used A Day to Remember.  My flowers were from Sugar Snap (wonderful).  I recommend going to the OBX wedding expo in Jan.  Some of the vendors there will have discounts and specials.  And I used Great Cakes for my wedding cake (a little expensive but tasty).  Good luck!
  • Thanks guys!! @mandafite821 how coincidental!! I must say I am scared to plan from so far away but I am excited too. Good to know someone pulled it off!! :) did you do it all yourself or did you get a planner? @summerstar23005 thx for all the great info!! Unfortunately I can't attend the expo but maybe I can make the 2014 one. @ksj who did you decide to go with? Not a bug fan of BbQ.
  • We used Monteros? (sp) they are in Elizabeth city but will travel in! Great prices best I found! And the food was amazing! Andy the owner was amazing to work with!
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  • @ Pinkflowers4 Did they charge a bug delivery fee?
  • We actually ended up having our wedding at the Sanderling, so we didn't use either of them. The one thing I didn't like about Black Pelican was that they wouldn't let you do a tasting until after you booked with them. Catering food and restaurant food are different, so just eating there wouldn't provide you with the same experience. Most of us have planned our weddings from a distance, I'm about 7 hours from the OBX, and we have had quite a few Pittsburgh brides as well, and even two from Rhode Island. Most of us have not gone the planner route, expect maybe a DOC.
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  • I did all the planning myself.  I had great friends and family members though who helped me pull off all the events the week of the wedding, and the wedding itself.  We did not have it in our budget to hire a day of coordinator, but if I could do anything all over again, that is the one thing I would do.  I would shell out the money for a day of coordinator.  I also did not get to do the expo, but the wedding turned out perfectly!  Good luck planning from Charlotte, everything will turn out just fine.  Like PP, most of us planned from 6 plus hours away.  What venue are you looking at?
  • I'm getting married at the Pier House next year so not quite in Nags Head but... I'm planning from the DC area and I find it helpful if you have a friend who can call and scout out options...especially since I work 13 hour days. Then I follow up with vendors to book. I'm definitely heading down to the wedding expo to tie up lose ends, but here's who've I've booked and have mostly enjoyed working with:

    Hilton Pier House - Melinda is my contact... not the best at quick responses but generally happy. Room is 4250 and Saturdays book ways out... I'm on a Friday night and no cut on the price. You get your break on price if you book a morning or other week day. I have rooms at the Hilton and getting married on the beach behind it.

    Florists - I got price quotes from Gail at the embellishers - good ideas, not sure we clicked. Prices were decent but fall in the mid range of the three I looked at. Renee Landry Style - definitely the most expensive for the least amount of flowers. I'm booking Shirley from Sugar Snap. She gave me two options and multiple sizes for bouquets to really help the budget. She took the longest to get back to me with information (emailed beginning of october but it was peak and she gave me general pricing but got me customized pricing at the end of november) and there was a hurricane in that time too. She had the most versatile pricing and great ideas for alter and other ways to rework flowers to cut money. We clicked on the phone, and best so far.

    Cakes - I have nothing bc my aunt does cakes for a living and the hilton will let you bring in whatever.

    Hilton Reception - you're required to use Hilton Catering and's kinda pricey. 

    Photo Booths - The prices were all over the radar, I had quotes from 775 to like 1500 for the ones around OBX... we'll see what deals are at the expo because that's when I'm going to book.

    Hair/Make up - I will let you know who I book - checking out the expo.

    Violin/DJ/Photography - I got a great package deal from Sue and Matt Artz - she will play violin at your ceremony, then DJ the rest of the evening, and Matt does the photography. Pretty sure I got a great deal on this - perhaps bc I'm a hilton bride but it's coming in at 3000 and she'll make up a timeline and answer any questions and give you recomendations. 

    Reheresal - TBD Thinking Kelly's or Black Pelican. My coworker used Kelly's for her wedding a few years ago, and LOVED the food. Her in-laws reside in Manteo and are very picky with food.

    Minister: Pastor Tyson from Duck UMC - I chose him solely because he does not keep the money from the ceremony, he does make you do some premaritial counseling and takes the money from the ceremony fees and puts it back into his church's ministry of AIDS work in Africa. I'm all about a good cause. 

    Day of Coordinator - you don't need this. Do you have a friend who throws great parties? I do, my godmother is going to be, she is timely, prompt, and knows how to get people to fix things they screw up. You can also make sure you give this person the "tip" money so they can make sure everyone gets their tips and money. She's also receiving the flowers and chair rentals.

    Keeping track of the bills, contacts, it's so easy. If you use gmail - you can make a spreadsheet and I also update the information in the knot budget planner too.

    Rentals: pretty sure I'm going with Metro. My coworker and OBX bride said they were great. 
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