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I have been reading through this board for a while today trying to find an affordable photographer and when I look at the recommended "budget" photographers they are over $2000. I think it's because a lot of the posts are older and they raised their prices. Can anyone recommend a photographer on a budget. I really want to keep the cost around 1500. I would ideally like to spend less and don't mind working with someone trying to break into the business. Thanks.

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  • Does anyone know how I can change the name that shows up when I post so its not my full name? thanks.
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  • My good friend Sarah recently started her own photography business. She did our engagement photos and they turned out wonderful! Her website address is: http://sincerelysarahphotography.com
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    A friend of mine is just starting out and she is amazing! her name is Keeley and her fb is moments by k&m - she did my engagement pics (they are not on her website) and I LOVE them, she is also going to do our wedding in July. She has done a couple other engagement shots recently as well that she doesn't have up yet. She would be worth talking to. Good Luck!
  • We used http://www.lifetoframe.com/ for a family session after a friend recommended her.  Our friend has used her numerous times and Melissa has done an amazing job.  She only charges $75 for a 2 hour family session, so I imagine her rates for weddings are reasonable.  It would be worth taking a look at her portfolio and maybe meeting with her to discuss.
  • I thought I would post an update- Keeley did an AMAZING job- check out her site for a small tase of my photos- the only wedding ones on her site- momentsbykeeley.com (she just got her site up and running).
  • Caitlin McWeeney, caitlinmcweeney.com is about $1200 and AMAZING.
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