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Plans for the week!

Re: Plans for the week!

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    Finishing tissue pomanders (okay, I know I keep saying I'm going to do this, but I really need to this time!)
    Deciding with FI what invitation wording should be

    Mosy likely another snow day on Wed. (ugh...where are we going to put it all?!)
    Visiting FMIL and FFIL this weekend
    Dinner with BMs on Thursday
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    WR: first premarital counseling meeting, research honeymoon flights and other stuff, work on planning the ceremony

    NWR: write a paper, do other homework, exercise, relax :)
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    WR:  Meeting a photographer on Thursday.  Meetting with Lindsey Loring on Saturday.  Going back to IKEA to buy the jars and vases for the centerpieces on Sunday.

    NWR:  Getting my butt motivated to start up my BeachBody workouts again!  And add some more cardio.  My elliptical is next to my bed.  You would think tripping on it in the middle of the night would make me get on it...No....
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    [QUOTE]WR:   My elliptical is next to my bed.  You would think tripping on it in the middle of the night would make me get on it...No....
    Posted by DirtyWater[/QUOTE]

    Hahaha...My "Ab Glider" is next to my computer....I walk by it all the time! :)

    WR: Researching cake and DJ possibilities.

    NWR: Hopefully filing my tax return...GO BIG MONEY!! And not walking by the ab glider so much...
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    wr- work on DIY stuffs
           go with FI to look at tuxes
           make a decision on my wedding band
           start my wedding stuff purchasing- ie napkins, aisle runner, etc
    nwr- gym on monday, hopefully wed (effing snow), thur, fri, sat- i have a 5 day program the trainer  set up for me
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    WR: Meeting with the florist that I'm 95% sure we will use. Pick up supplies for our pomanders.

    NWR: Keep job searching and pray we don't get all the snow we are supposed to
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    WR:  start looking for a new cake baker
             start looking at tuxes
             hopefully purchasing FI's wedding ring

             order a new dress for a BM that is pregnant

    NWR: stick to the weight watchers plan

              get back on the working out wagon!!  I have a treadmill in my bedroom, Power 90 DVD, countless Biggest Loser DVD's and a gym membership. So I have all the tools...trying to find the motivation and time. You would think being 98 days away from the big day would be enough!!

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