Just wanted to throw this up there to see if I was crazy or if others have had the same experience with this place...

REALLY loved Cuvee - the space is unique and beautiful and in a great part of town.  Refuse to do business with them because Constance seemed so...unapproachable.  She made me feel like I was inconveniencing her just by wanting to see the space and ask questions and she was NOT helpful or friendly in any way.  She even seemed stand-offish in her emails, if that's even possible.  Was she just having a bad day or was it just me or has she been like that with anyone else?  

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    I've heard this A LOT on this board, and I may have met her last year when I was scouting people.  I don't remember the woman's name, but the lady showing me the space at Cuvee, seemed like she could care less if I liked it or not!  That turned me off, but the price is what really turned me off, also the loud echo.

    I have also heard though, that people do have nice weddings there.  Go figure.

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    I had the same impression also.  I researched about 5 places for my reception in Milwaukee and two of the contacts for the locations were incredibly helpful but the others all fell flat including the one at Cuvee.  The wedding photos do look great on the website but the venue was too small for us and I was not impressed with our contact person.
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    Cuvee was a very cool location.  I didn't like the shape of the dinner room though.  The champagne lounge was awesome and I'd go there for some drinks, but definitely not a place to have a wedding. 

    Constance annoyed the heck out of me, my fiance, and my father.  She kept calling me sweetie or something like that.  She never really gave us a genuine full answer to any of our questions.  Rather she beat around the bush and changed the topic.  We had the opportunity to meet the manager...whose name I cannot recall...actually, wait she didn't introduce herself. 

    Yeah, needless to say, they were put on the reject list.
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    This isn't surprising. I have no idea how that place stays open.  When we were searching we couldn't get a call back for an appt so we went on a weekend night and hoped someone would show us around.

    The bartender was sweet and I am guessing it was Constance who showed us through the room in less than 2 minutes and rushed our questions, promised to email more information, took my card and never did.

    My opinion on it, if you can't give us the time of day in the search process, what are you going to do during the planning process/day of.

    If you like the neighborhood you may consider the Milwaukee Public Market upstairs area. This is where we ended up having our reception and the coordinator is a polar opposite of the one at Cuvee.
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