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Need advice/suggestions

My dad is retired Navy, and being the brat that I am I want him to wear his dress uniform to walk me down the aisle.  My FI is also military, Coast Guard, and so are 2 of the 3 groomsmen. If my dad is wearing his dress uniform, should my FI and the groomsmen wear theirs too? Or is it okay if they don't?
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Re: Need advice/suggestions

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    It's ok if they don't wear their uniforms.  I'd ask everyone if they want to wear their uniforms, and let your Fi decide if he wants to wear his uniform.
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    I'm pretty sure he doesn't and I kind of feel like the one GM who isn't in the military would feel a little weird being the only one up there not in uniform.  While we're on the subject of having to wear uniforms, does anyone know if you have to wear one if you're attending a wedding while on liberty from OCS?
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  • Beachy730Beachy730 member
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    I would ask your dad if he would wear his dress uniform.  I would assume he would if it was his career, and you are requesting it.  You can give everyone the option of wearing it.  Some people prefer to wear it, and some people won't ask if they can for fear that you won't want them to. 

    H didn't want to wear his dress uniform for our ceremony, since he rarely gets to dress up without wearing it.  It was totally hs choice though.  None of the GMs are in the military (anymore) so it wasn't an option.  We had several military guests though, both Navy and Army, and we requested they wear their uniforms. 

    I don't think it would look wierd for 1 GM to not be in uniform.  I think it would show that you are honoring the GM's that are in the service.  Plus it gives them the option of saving money on a tux rental.
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  • Samantha175Samantha175 member
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    I agree with dn.  I left it up to FI if he wanted to wear his uniform.  He wanted to and our groomsmen who are a mix of basically every branch will all be in uniform except one who is non-military and will be in a tux.  We are also requesting that guests wear uniforms.  Maybe that's not what you're looking for in the way of advice but I hope it is helpful.
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  • calindicalindi member
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    Seaside, I can only speak for USMC OCS - they did not get a uniform until the very end, so no, they weren't expected to wear a uniform on liberty.  However, they were only given something like 60 mile radius of liberty, meaning they couldn't leave the area, so if the wedding is further than that it might be a problem.  They were asked to wear khakis or dress pants (everyone seemed to wear khakis), black shiny shoes, black belt, and tucked in shirt (most wore polos, but a dress shirt was perfectly fine).  This was required attire at all times when out of OCS, so this would be what he'd have to wear to the wedding.

    They also had a buddy rule, where they weren't allowed to leave base without a buddy, so keep that in mind.  You're going to have a third wheel, unless you can convince another pair to head off base with you and then the three of them can hang out until you're done - they all have to head back to base in pairs.

    Again, this is only my BF's experience at USMC OCS last summer.



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    Thanks for all the advice! Definitely helpful! My dad said he'd be happy to wear his dress uniform which I am ecstatic about. 

    Calindi, thanks for the info.  I'm the one that will be going to OCS, less than a month after the wedding.  The only problem is that good friends of ours are getting married while I'm there.  My FI and I were asked to be in the wedding party but had to say no because I don't even know if I will be able to attend.  Since they were asking us as a couple, my FI felt weird about being involved if I wasn't.  I can never seem to get a straight answer about possible restrictions and such during the time I'm at OCS, so I'm glad you shared your experience.

    Thanks again all!

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    My fiancé is going to wear his uniform.  Even though his best man is also in the Navy, we have asked him to wear a tux, as the other groomsman is not military, and we want them to match.  Also, it lets my fiancé stand out from the other guys.  :-)

    Which branch is it OCS for?  When my fiancé was at Navy OCS, they had to wear a uniform whenever they went out on liberty.  Also, they definitely had to do the liberty buddy thing.  Have you been to the website www.officerfamilies.com yet?  They tend to have good information on OCS, and they also have links to other forums for OCS for each branch.
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    It's Navy OCS.  Thanks for the website, I hadn't come across that one!

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