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New Jersey

Venues for Animal Lovers

Any suggestions? I'm thinking anything that can allow me to incorporate animals, whether they have some interesting fauna on site or if they would allow me to bring some in,  So like, koi, peacocks, swans, etc.  I'm thinking more Central Jersey, too. No wedding date as of now! I am a huuge animal lover, I mean my dream wedding would have tigers and rabbits and snakes and just about every animal you can think of, which is why a zoo appeals to me but I want my guests to be able to breath easy and enjoy their food with no worries as well ; ) (no zoos, I am joking)

I searched animals and weddings on this board, and see that many people have strong ethical feelings on animals. I'm not looking to harm animals for my selfish reasons, I am looking for venues that already have living things incorporated into their setting that are used to events and are comfortable.
 If there are non-torturous ways to bring in animals too, I'd also like to hear the ideas! I realize that animals are not human, so what might be harmless to one species might frazzle another, and there are ways to create the illusions of animals as well. Mostly looking for a venue but these ideas are great too!

Re: Venues for Animal Lovers

  • You may want to hire a wedding planner to help with this search.  They usually have the resources to find unique venues.  Good luck!
  • I was thinking the Adventure Aquarium, but that is obviously fish rather than birds/mammals. However, a friend got married there and the dinner was under an arched tank, so fish swam by (and were not harmed). Goldfish in a centerpiece bowl are a whole other issue (as in, don't do it.)

    Adventure Aquarium is in Camden, which also might be very far from you?

    What about a rustic barn with horses/cows/chickens? It might smell a bit (it is a farm) but there would be animals there in their natural living space?
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  • Does Great Adventure do weddings in their African Safari area?
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  • The Philadelphia Zoo does weddings in a few spots on the grounds... one of them is a peacock area and they let them roam around. I've never gone but it was something I considered.
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  • I'd try Great Adventure & the Camden Aquarium.
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