My hairpiece!

So after months of waiting, it finally came in!  I had forgotten what it looked like and was second guessing my decision.  I've always wanted a flower (or two) and when I say always, I mean since about 15 years ago when my first friend got married. Leave it to me to get engaged when it's popular.  Oh well - just makes it easier to find I guess.  The flower is a little smaller than I had originally wanted, but the bling totally did me in.  I'm a sparkle girl through and through.  It's hard to tell but there are rhinestones and crystals that spray out around the flower.  I'm excited I got the best of both worlds!  (Please forgive the crappy pic of it in my hair - it was a long day today. lol)  It's all starting to come together!

Married 9.4.11

Re: My hairpiece!

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