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where can I find the book that helps keep your organize for all your wedding details, does anyone know?

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  • I'm not sure there's any ONE book, but you could walk into any bookstore and find plenty. I made my own binder for free. I also am not sure what all has to be organized. So far mine only has a spreadsheet of our guest list, a copy of all our contracts and a very detailed planning list I got off Etsy ($2 splurge from Oliver Ink if you're really interested). Honestly, I have no idea what other girls manage to put into their planning books and binders and I'm a very detail oriented and organized person. I've been engaged over a year, my wedding is about five months out and I don't think I could have filled a binder bigger than the half inch I'm using if I tired. I honestly don't think you need to spend a ton of money on a book. Hang around the forums, splurge a few bucks for a couple magazines, and then figure out a way that works for you. 
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  • I got mine for free at a wedding show I attended. You can get wedding planner books from any bookstore or just use internet checklists to make your own. 
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    I also just used a regular binder with dividers and plastic sleeves for pics and things and printed checklists from online.
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  • thanks ladies! 
  • The best thing we did was create a Wedding Spreadsheet with our budget, guest list, and vendor contact information. It's much easier to modify and edit than a book.
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