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Wedding change of plans and need opinions please

My fiance and I had plans to marry at the end of this year in a destination location, just us two with no family or friends.  We have since decided we do want our parents, sisters and brothers and our few close friends to attend ( all less than 25 people).  We have decided to have a small private wedding ceremony at our house the day before we leave for our trip so the family can be apart of our special day.  The question we have now is do we keep the plans we have for the beach location and just change it to a renewal ceremony?  We have always wanted to be married on an island, nothing about that has changed.  We just want our family to be a part of it.  We cant have them all travel with us beause its close to the holidays, we would have to pay for some people to attend and we want to still have our honeymoon and our own private moments just us two together.  Would you keep your plans for the pictures and the ceremony at the destination location and just make sure they now its a commitment ceremony, renewal of vowes?  Again, the only reason we have decided to have the actual wedding in the states is because we do want our family to be a part of our special day...but we still want to keep our original plans.  Its kind of like having the best of both worlds...

Re: Wedding change of plans and need opinions please

  • I agree with Stage. Vow renewals should be saved for milestone anniversaries...not within the same weekend you say your original vows. Have a small wedding and a great honeymoon or do a DW.
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  • I agree with PPs, I don't really get the point of staging a second event that isn't your real wedding. I'd just go to the destination location and have a lovely honeymoon. And maybe take some "just married" pictures if you already have a photographer booked.
  • Thanks everyone, I think I agree too.  While in my head I had all these wedding picture ideas of us on the beach and whatnot but there really is no point in taking my wedding dress down there to do a ceremony when we just legally got married two days prior. 
  • There is nothing saying don't get your photos done on the beach.  If you love the beach have some photos of you two dressed in wedding clothing on the beach. We have friends that did that also.
  • You could still take your dress down and take pictures, just not have it be a ceremony. Honeymoon pics on the beach would be just as stunning, as long as you both enjoy your time together, who cares what you wear for the photos? You don't need a ceremony to have a destination photo shoot :)
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  • Tak your dress to the beach with you & have pictures, just don't have a ceremony there.
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